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This Indian Kid Can Easily Beat Any Professional Translator With His Brilliant Skill

This video is about a talented young Indian kid who can speak six foreign languages fluently despite not being literate. Apart from an amazing American accent he speaks Spanish, French, German, Polish, Italian as well. He works as a tour guide in the Gwalior Fort.

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karun chandhok f1

Team orders in Formula 1 has been a hot topic recently. In light of the collision between the Mercedes drivers and all the instructions that we hear from the pit wall that have been seemingly ignored recently by Lewis Hamilton, it’s a subject that people have varying opinions about. In both Budapest and Monza, I think Lewis was absolutely right to ignore the pitwall and keep pushing on. Although he’s part of a team, Lewis is fighting for the Driver’s World Championship and sometimes he has to be selfish and then deal with the consequences later. Mercedes meanwhile should be applauded for letting their drivers race and fight it out despite the odd skirmish which cost them a win at Spa. My first thought is that team orders in sport are really nothing new. The phrase ‘team order’ is very vague – I would say the Captain asking his fast bowler to ball a slower ball is a team order in Cricket. I would say asking a ‘domestique’ to attack into the wind for his team leader in the Tour de France is a team order. I would say that asking Wayne Rooney to sit out the first part of a crucial football match versus Real Madrid is a team order. I would even say that the coach determining the order of runners in a relay at the Olympics is a team order. The point I’m trying to make is that fundamentally, I’m not against the principle of team orders in sport. There were plenty of people shouting about banning team orders after Ferrari famously swapped the lead at Hockenheim in 2010, but I disagreed then and I’ll disagree now. I think that sometimes teams have to make decisions that think about the big picture, whether it’s a popular decision or not. In that case, Fernando was clearly the only championship hopeful and there was nothing wrong in Ferrari using every trick in the book to back their man.

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Sachin Gupta - Acoustic guitar cover with chords

This is my version of the song "tere liye" from the movie prince.this is the acoustic version of the song sung by Sachin Gupta...though i have not completely copied the song...firstly, I have used a faster strumming pattern for the chorus....and i have also used the style of Atif Aslam's version in some parts....

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Votings Up- Pick Your Favourite Yash Raj Movie From The List!

Labeled as the king of romance, late filmmaker Yash Chopra has stunned us with innumerable romantic films. The legendary filmmaker who had the best musical senses in the industry gave us some pathbreaking films. We take a look at a few unforgettable Yash Chopra movies. Which one would be your pick to spend a perfect Sunday?

If You Could Control An Element Of Nature, Which Would You Choose?

For all of us who have watched Avatar - The Last Airbender (the series, the movie does not exist...shh!), or Captain Planet, or for those of us who have longed for some sort of superpower, we have at some point in our lives wished for the ability to control the elements – Fire/Water/Wind/Earth/Energy. But if you could choose just one, which element bending power in your opinion takes the cake?

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These 7 Celebrities Have Already Picked Their Side. Are You #TeamCap Or #TeamIronMan?

John Boyega- Team Cap; Ryan Reynolds – Team Cap; Bill Shatner - Team Cap; Bernie Sanders – Team Iron Man; Raleigh Ritchie - Team Cap


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15 Types Of Friends You Should Get Rid Of Immediately

The selfish, emotionally draining friend; The friend you are always making plans with; The flaky friend; The friend who always makes you feel like garbage; The friend who always encourages you to make bad choices


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10 Reasons Why It’s Better To Be A Lesbian Than A Gay Man

Women are all-around better humans — more emotionally evolved, and more capable of love, understanding, and compassion. So it makes sense that two women have a better chance at establishing a fulfilling relationship than two men. Thanks to one of my best friends who just became a lesbian (a newbian), I now have more lesbian friends than I have gay male friends. I’ve always taken it as a compliment when I was told that I’m more like a lesbian than a gay man (except when it comes to fashion sense).


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