15 Authentic Recipes From Bihar Every Proud Vegetarian Will Want To Learn

Bihar, is not only popular for its religious places, but also for its lip smacking food and delicious sweets. Litti Chokha, one of the signature dishes of Bihar which is made with wheat flour stuffed with Sattu. Thekua is a sweet dish prepared during the Chath Puja.

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The Four Biggest Food Trends of 2015

Healthy food trends are the new trends in 2015, the vegetable cuisine is hip, and restaurants that exalt produce are trending around in America; the Mexican food is having a new makeover. Gotham has long been the nerve center of the American restaurant industry, a place that attracts culinary talent and has never really struggled to retain it. Indie food journals are such an exploding genre that there's even a website dedicated to keeping track of them.

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The First short story of Literature: The Overcoat

Book of a lifetime , is considered as the masterpiece of short stories. It is by the Russian writer, Nikolai Gogol, published in 1842. Overcoat is a tale about a poor Russian official named Akakii Akakievich who is the mockery of his department. Akakii lives on his own world as a copier. The co-workers laugh at him and abuse him. Akakii’s coat is worn and he is finally in need of a new overcoat to be sewn for him by Petrovich the Tailor. The price of the overcoat is too high for Akakii, but he saves his penny, denying himself food and other basic necessities until he is able to purchase the coat. Overnight, he becomes respectful and his co-workers appreciate his beautiful, new coat – and they even arrange a party in celebration. But yet disaster falls upon Akakii or of his joy when the coat is stolen.

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18 Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is listed the 13th most expensive city in the world, but still there are many things to do under $5. Riding the iconic Star Ferry just costs $2.50 on the weekdays and $3.40 on the weekends or Public Holidays. Believe it or not, most of the museums in Hong Kong allow free entry on Wednesday! The best ones include Hong Kong Museum of History (Kowloon), Hong Kong Science Museum (Kowloon), Hong Kong Space Museum (Tsim Sha Tsui) and The Museum of Art (Tsim Sha Tsui). Another thing that will cost you $0 is the Symphony of Lights at Victoria Harbor; this nightly multimedia show includes more than 40 buildings near both sides of the harbor. The colored lights, laser beams and searchlights dancing collectively are an amazing visual experience, synchronized with music and narration.

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10 style lessons to learn from Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor is a fashion icon who hits it out of the park with every single outfit can never be up for debate. Be it a sheer bolero over your sari, a lace cardigan over a summer dress or a silk coat over your couture number, this ingenious styling tip promises instant insouciance. Ruffling up a storm with your tresses is the key to take a look from run-of-the-mill to VA-VA-voom. Think messy buns, fierce ponytails and everything in between.

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Benefits Of Chanting Vedic Mantras

In the ancient times, every home had a sacred grove, indicating reverence for nature. Of course, we need to take everything in the current context – but preserving sacred groves, whether in one’s home or outside in public spaces, will definitely benefit the environment that is getting degraded by global warming. Vedic knowledge, if applied to current times in the right context, can only benefit us –no Vedic ritual is directed at the personal benefit; it is all meant for the greate good of the entire community, as the sacred scriptures point out, vasudhaiva kutumbakam – we are one family. Good karma generates even more good karma and will benefit everyone.

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13 Bizarre Jobs That You Would Totally Want To Try Out

As kids, we used to dream of becoming so many things, and our choice of profession was generally influenced by the respect that it had in public eyes, and of course, our interest in the profession and the money factor have always been important. There are certain jobs in the world that you would not believe are for real! There is a job called a professional pet food tester. They do exactly what the name says. Before tasting the food, the tester begins his job by smelling the food. The purpose is to make sure that all the ingredients in the food are well-balanced. However, it is a highly paying job. Then there is a page turner. Musicians who play complex music can’t really spare a hand to turn the page. A page turner has to be really quick and is required to be completely unobtrusive while doing his job.

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A novel over Time, Why we all should read Uncle Tom's Cabin

Unlike popular belief, Uncle Tom’s Cabin is not a children's book alone. Everyone and anyone could read this novel and still pick something to learn from it. Despite the fact that it was abolished before our time, it gives a real insight into all aspects of slavery. It will provide you the real vibration of change and hope. Sometimes, the rugged roads of society or ambiance make our muscles stronger and the dusty wind makes our jawbones tight; but we need to understand that there also is a shelter where destiny wants us to wait until the sky above our head clears.

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artistic photography

Photographs are an amazing way of storing all our wonderful memories for a lifetime and everyone does it too. But there is a small difference in clicking random pictures and artistic photography, which most of us fail to understand. You definitely need not be a professional to learn artistic photography, but, you can make that slight difference in the way you make your photographs look simply wow. You can compose your picture before you capture, when you capture a photo, give a little interest to the arrangement of nearby objects, their shapes and angle, to complement the main focal image. An artistic photographer always concentrates on the details of a photograph, rather than making it look vague. Even a small dew drop on the leaf looks pretty, when captured in detail. White balance definitely makes a photograph looks brighter than in its actual setting. But, not all artistic photos look great with the white balance effect.

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11 bizarre superstitions of your favorite bollywood stars that will shock and amaze you at the same time

"We all believe in luck, and in having lucky charms. Bollywood superstars are not far behind and believe in superstitions as well. Most of the superstitions are related to their films. We know about Ekta Kapoor's obsession with the word 'K' and Salman Khan's love for his blue sapphire bracelet. But this is not the end, there are some more. Bipasha had revealed that ""Nimboo-Mirchi is something we all do, Kajol’s Om-Studded Diamond Ring, Madhavan’s Hyderabad airport, everything is considered as their lucky charm."

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12 Bollywood Actresses Who Acted In South Indian Movies

Most of the Bollywood actresses have done heavier roles in many South Indian films; Priyanka Chopra made her acting debut with the Tamil film Thamizhan in 2002; Katrina Kaif’s debut in Telugu as a royal princess in the movie Malliswari opposite Venkatesh; Aishwarya Rai Bacchan did kick start her career with a double role in the Tamil movie Iruvar; Deepika Padukone made her debut in acting with a Kannada film Aishwarya in the year 2006

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8 Iconic Roles Heath Ledger Will Always Be Remembered For

10 Things I Hate About You; The Patriot; A Knight's Tale; Monster's Ball; Brokeback Mountain; The Dark Knight

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