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Ramanagar Night trek With Rappelling


Ramanagara, Karnataka, India

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Stop Making These 8 Mistakes on Your Business Facebook Page

Social media is undoubtedly an amazing platform for marketing, but it is a really sensitive forum too. Most finance businesses think that they can manage their Facebook page themselves and unknowingly they make mistakes like providing irrelevant or uninteresting information on their page. We all know Facebook likes are a good indicator of a successful business, but every finance group should see to it that their page should not look like it's just like-oriented (interested only in likes). Having too much text in the posts or not posting regularly both may have a negative impact. 


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10 facts you didn't know about deepika padukone

Though so much has been said about her, but are you aware of every single fact about Deepika Padukone? Apart from knowing that she went through a depression phase in her life or her first hit was ‘Om Shanti Om’, there are lots of interesting facts which are unheard of. Besides being national level Badminton player, Deepika is also a national level Baseball player too. Her first commercial break was Liril advertisement. She is big foodie too; she still has a sacred love for chocolate.


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10 Interesting Facts About Indian Currency You Probably Didn't Know

The one rupee note was the first banknote printed by independent India; 1,000 rupees, 5,000 rupees and 10,000 rupees notes were reintroduced in 1954 and demonetized in 1978; 50 paise coins are still in circulation. They are called small coins while the other denominations are known as rupee coins; Government of India's first set of notes was the Victoria portrait series; Currency has existed in the form of coinage in India since the 6th century BC


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how often should i run

Decide what your running goals are and what you want to achieve from your running; Running three times a week is a great starting point and provides many health and fitness benefits; Cross-training can be extremely beneficial for broadening one’s fitness base.It also strengthens muscle groups other than running muscles; Always give yourself one day completely off for rest; It’s also important to note that fitness is dynamic and as your training progresses, don’t be surprised to find that your needs or goals change


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Jennifer Lawrence: 5 Roles That Made Her Hollywood's Favorite Actress

Jennifer Lawrence is bold, charming, unabashed and unapologetic about who she really is; J Law seems to love playing titular characters; Katniss Everdeen, the girl tribute in The Hunger Games is skilled in so many tasks that she can be rivalled only by a ninja; Anyone who's watched American Hustle knows how feisty Jennifer Lawrence can get; J Law, who plays a young mother, moves from one terrible situation into another in Joy


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Green Missile : Norse Mythological Story

Balder was the god of light in Norse mythology; Balder was loved by all except the wicked Loki, who, jealous of his popularity, plotted his death; TNevertheless, Loki cast about for a way to destroy Balder; There was no weapon that could hurt him; Nevertheless, Loki cast about for a way to destroy Balder


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Indian Man Underwent Sex Change Surgery, Became Wife To Another Man After 3 Years

A young man named Bidhan Barua sought the Bombay High Court's intervention in undergoing a sex change surgery in 2012; Amid his parent's disapproval; Barua has now changed his name to Swati; He is married to Rinku Talukdar, an engineering student from Assam; The surgery was done in a private clinic at Guwahati in 2013


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5 Fitness Gadgets You Think Are Necessary But Are Actually Useless

A person for whom fitness is a lifestyle and not a weekend recreation will know that the existing fitness gadgets are of very little, to no use at all; The irony is that the people who need them the least, wear them the most; How hard is it to understand that fit bands, calorie counters and heart-rate monitors will not make you fit; Fit Bands are all the rage right now. Every fat person is sporting one and takes pride in saying that he is counting his steps; Trust me, counting steps and calories burned is of no use if you see the gym not more than thrice a week and Fridays are your religious cheat days


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Is B.TECH in india worth it??

Is B.TECH in india worth it??

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The Story Of This Season's Most Confusing Catch. Starring Virat Kohli!

With the way the match is going for RCB right now, this catch might just have made more of an impact than even Virat Kohli could have imagined. The confusion occurred in the 19th over when Shane Watson was bowling to Eklavya Dwivedi. Dwivedi, already having hit the previous two balls for sixes, went for a third but did not time it properly. Kohli ran in from long-on and dived to take a blinder. He then slammed the ball on the ground in anger, returned to the ropes for a quick drink. After some deliberation, the on-field umpires asked the third umpire to check. After watching the replays it was ruled that the catch was clean and the batsman was given out.


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On The Invocation In Sarala Mahabharata

Krushna Singh, the king of a small kingdom in what is today’s Southern Odisha, retold Vyasa’s Mahabharata in Odia, which is popularly known as “Krushna Singh Mahabharata”, more than two centuries after Sarala had composed his magnum opus. Noting that the great Sarala had deviated considerably from the classical narrative, he wanted to give the Odias a feel of Vyasa’s composition.

Sarala Mahabharat

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6 Cult Classics That Were Actually Flops Before They Made It Big

It is important to be in the right place at the right time in order to be successful. But, many films that we love and admire today were released at a time when they could not be appreciated. But the good news is that the world caught up to the genius of those films and turned them into cult classics. Films like: Fight club, It's a wonderful life, Pakeezah, Mera Naam Joker etc. fall into this category.

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