Chandini Hemdev, Author of 'Something Written Yet UnWritten and an entrepreneur shares her soulful journey with us

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Ojaswi A. C

24 Jul,2017

“Poetry in all forms has always made me grow as a person”

Chandni Hemdev is a Media Studies graduate from CMS Jain University. Chandni has been voicing her feelings in poetry for over 5 years. 'Something written, yet unwritten' is the first publication to her name. The book is a collection of those teenage feelings, emotions, and memoranda of some mystic nostalgia.  Writing in any form for her a means to vent out her feelings. Chandini believes that writing poetry is more apt for her than writing fiction or nonfiction as through poetry she feels connected to the world. People around the globe can relate to poetry as it is quick and short and it talks directly about feelings and thoughts.

Talking about the title-  'Something Written Yet UnWritten’

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Chandini talks about her ubiquitous title of her book which stirs curiosity among the audience. The young and creative writer feels that her book has a lot of unsaid emotions along with the ones that have been mentioned or written in the book. She has subtly put out emotions but only being selective about it. Her passion for writing reflects with each poem in her book and creativity just oozes out of it! Her personal life has had a major influence in her writing and she has beautifully described struggles during the teens in bits of lines through poems. Her book is a collection of 27 poems and Chandini says each poem talks about a different experience in life.

“It is okay to fall down the ashes”- Chandini

Living her passion and inspiring many

Poetry is something so powerful that it has the ability to touch lives. It is very close to heart and filled with emotions and feelings says Chandini. But discovering passion is just the beginning. One must know how to take it further and mold it and make it their bread and butter! When asked Chandini about her beginning in this field she was happy to share her story from the beginning. She thinks having a blog of your own is the best way to start. To be able to keep writing is the best way to practice according to the talented writer. And her message to the writing enthusiasts is that to keep writing on relatable topics so that people identify themselves with it.

“Nothing that comes from your heart can be a bad writing” - Chandini

Sharing poetry

Chandini says she is someone who loves to share her poetry, in other words, performing her poetry. She believes it is good to share and to be able to share something you are passionate about is even more special. But performing a poem is not easy as it looks, she says it takes training from professionals and upon performing often one gets perfection. It's a new skill altogether and she seems to have gotten the hang of it. She has performed her poetry in various parts of the country at Poetry summits and others and she says it has definitely helped her boost her confidence.

Always up for criticism from the poetry community

The hard part about writing poetry is not writing poetry alone but having someone to give their feedback on it. Poetry is not everybody’s cup of tea and hence Chandini sought the help of her teachers to look into her work. She believes it is very important to have someone who understands the craft and their feedback matters a lot in improving. Chandini feels good to be part of a community that supports poets and performing poets as well. She thinks such communities need to increase in number to provide a platform for budding poets who wish to live their passion.

Chandini loves weddings has her own firm

“I thank my hard times, for if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t explore myself and find the tranquility that writing gives me”

Though her passion lies in poetry in the creative field, her aim in her life is to be a wedding planner. Her love for the weddings and wants to ensure that every bride who dreads to walk down the aisle, will be helped to turn her dreams into reality. She is a poet and an entrepreneur at the same time. Her Wedding Planning Firm called ‘Purplee Moon’ is being managed by her and she wishes to continue in the same direction. She is living her passion and growing in the same direction as well. She is creative, determined and a person with a dream set to turn them into reality. Her passion for writing and her entrepreneurship makes her unique and Passion Connect is happy to share her story.

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