Does Reality Shows Really Open The Windows Of Opportunities For Passionate People? Find Out From Young Dancer Faizan Malik's Story

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Manali Nandy

17 Jul,2017

Reality shows in India have become one of the biggest platforms to demonstrate a person’s talent. With these shows, youngsters are getting opportunities to come under the limelight and many of them are actually making it big with their talent and skills in the entertainment industry. All these reality shows are very popular across the country and the participants become household names within a few days. Today let’s explore the journey of a young dancer Faizan Malik, who was a contestant on the dance reality show Dance+, season 1 and 2 and know more about his passion for dancing!

Struggle To Progress

Faizan's journey was not at all easy, he had failed in eight reality shows before appearing in Dance+. But that didn’t keep him away from his passion and he worked harder to fulfil his dream of becoming a dancer. All of his family members were fully supportive of him like, initially his grandmother was not supportive while his mother was. But when he finally appeared on TV his grandmother became very glad and she kept on telling everyone that her grandson came on TV. He has his unique style of dancing which has been named as ‘Bindass Faizi’ by the renowned choreographer and master Remo D'souza. He strongly believes that "people will support you only when you show them progress in your work and how dedicated you are into what you do."

Trend That He Follows: His Own Style

Faizan doesn’t belong to the group who blindly follows one particular dancer, rather he follows whoever is doing well and grabs the best from all of them. He believes that if he follows only one dancer then he will lose his originality and he will become a replica of that person.

He started with B-Boying but his body weight became an obstacle to continue with this, as B-Boying dance style involves a lot of flips and tricky movements. Due to this, he shifted to popping and now he often blends hip hop style with it thus creating his own dance style which doesn’t remain restricted to any specific style.

Young Faizan holds this concept that everyone has his/her own style of dancing and he/she should do what he/she loves to do, what other people like to see and simultaneously it should go. Everyone has their favourite form of dancing but each person must incorporate his/her own style, preferably what he/she likes wholeheartedly.

Passion To Paycheck

Faizan says that once passion is transformed into profession many forget to follow their passion, they stop working on it and begin to concentrate on making more money. But that shouldn’t be the situation. One should predominantly concentrate on the art and money will automatically follow. He added that respecting one's passion is more important than earning money.

"If you have the dedication and that confidence and spirit that you have to do something, then definitely you can do it." - Faizan's advice to the passionate young dancers.

Faizan Malik is one of the acclaimed illustrations who has followed his passion and that what eventually makes him happy because he believes that once you achieve something you feel happy about it and you won't get bored too if you make passion your profession. So if you are ardent enough don't give up but continue doing it and importantly keep dancing!

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