Shiva Tejasvi: An Actor Who Wants To Make His Whole Living Out Of His Passion

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Syeda Saba

20 Jul,2017

Shiva Tejasvi is basically an actor. Dubbing,

Short filmmaking, and screenwriting are his parallel professions. He came to Bangalore to complete his MBA.  Being good in cultural activities as a student, he excelled in dance and singing. He realized his passion for acting in 9th standard when he was selected for the role of ‘Sangolli Rayanna’ for which he got the best actor award and proved to be district level best drama in 1995.

His Struggle

He didn’t have any god father, he did it all with his talent and hard work. He resigned most of his jobs to live his passion. He lost many good roles due to leave issues and the time constraints with his job. It took him years together to convince his father to accept him as an actor who always believed that acting can be taken as a hobby, but not as a profession.

Suchindra Prasad who is also a great actor and one of the famous directors is his inspiration who motivated him to find his passion on his own. That was when he decided to go to ‘Ravindra Kala Kshetra’. He took his birthday April 18th, 2006 as an opportunity to do that and finally was noticed by one of the theatre artists after 4 days long wait. He used to be nervous in his initial days but he never gave up. He is famous for his theatrical act ‘Roopanthara’.

“Dark and Light, Positivity and negativity are the two phases of the same coin” - Shiva

His aim as an actor is to get recognized as one of the star Villains of Sandalwood. The challenges he faced being an artist is when he was offered a comic role but he was interested in playing Villain roles. He is also a dialogue writer which automatically helped him being better in delivering dialogues.

“When we have capacity to create characters, write dialogues, there will be a self-improvement in your acting” - Shiva

The Turning Point

He used to beg for the roles and faced insults during his struggling days. That was when he realized he’s not going to beg any more. He invited few of his close friend and narrated his idea of making a short film. His first shot film was ‘Saarvajanika Saawrajanika’ which was challenging and adventurous proved to be a hit. After one and half year he made his first telefilm ‘Aayantsaawra’

Passion according to him is life.

“Follow your passion only when you think you can do it or else you cannot do it” - Shiva

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