Tatiana Shentyapina: The Entrepreneur With The Passion To Help People Look Beautiful

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Manali Nandy

20 Jul,2017

Is there anyone who doesn’t look into the mirror whenever they pass through one? I guess there is none! Along with the beauty of mind, to look beautiful and presentable in front of everyone we meet also defines our personality and overall character. To be beautiful we need to maintain the basics like taking care of our skin and hair and a good condition of these can really change our overall looks. To give ourselves a new look we need a consultation with an expert and we visit a salon to serve the purpose and today we’ll get inside the story of one such hair stylist and makeup artist, Tatiana Shentyapina who has started her own salon, Do or Dye and how she is living her passion of making people beautiful for 23 years.

Realizing The Passion To Be An Entrepreneur

It seems that hair styling is in the genes of Tatiana and her story proves it too. When she was young her elder sister who is also a hair stylist used to take Tatiana to her college and made her the model. From that time she used to observe attentively what all the students were doing there and how they were learning and from there she started to develop her passion for hair styling. She also mentioned that when she was a small kid her mother cut her hair and the transformation that was going with that was also a major attribute to choose hair stylist as her profession.

Tatiana born and brought up in Russia started her career too there before she moved to India and started her own salon. She completed a hair styling course in Russia and worked in many shows for Russian television both as a makeup artist and hair stylist for long years and then finally settled in India. She worked in 2 international salons in Mumbai and Bangalore while she also worked in Goa for a small portion of the time. After learning about different types of Indian hair, their textures and overall gaining much knowledge about the mindset of Indian people like how they feel about their hair or how they carry various hair styles she set up her own salon in Bangalore and embarked on her entrepreneurial journey in India.

Passion: The Important Key

Tatiana is one among those fervent groups of people who followed their passion without looking for the money. According to her, in the beginning, the hunger to learn new things shouldn’t be lost and one must keep on researching side by side while learning new techniques and updating one’s skills continuously. She shared her personal experience that when she completed her course she worked as an assistant for 1 year in a salon for free and watched her seniors and also did many supportive works like washing hair or doing any chemical treatment which ultimately helped in her learning process. With these, she gives us a message that when we are young and have the scope to learn something new then we should take only all the learnings and not concentrating on the earnings as with time many responsibilities come and we realize the value of our profession and knowledge which makes professionalism and making money come together. So it can be concluded that the vehemence for learning new things must be the priority.

Points To Remember While Styling Hair

Tatiana from her long experience suggests a few points while we style and cut our hair like Firstly one has to be comfortable to carry the particular look which he/she wants and that must match the skin tone, face shape, personality and texture of hair. While someone wants to achieve a specific look it must match all these basic factors and he/she can add some extra features to it if that suits and finally can get a new look as the same look has variations from person to person.

Hair Styling For Indians

Being a Russian Tatiana notices that there are various types of hair textures among Indians and Russians and also there is quite a difference of tendency regarding the hair styling issue. She points out that Russians love to experiment with their hair and hair colors while Indians are more rigid to try something new and different hair styles. So she suggests that one can do experiment with one’s looks by coloring the hair suitable with skin tone and hair texture, but shouldn’t be stopped from experimenting and giving a complete makeover.

Advice For The Enthusiast Hairstylists

Tatiana highlights that coming to this profession demands the passion for it is a very creative job and everyone has their own way of learning. But if someone does a hair styling course before coming to this profession it will be an advantage as this helps to know many things in details, for example, hair texture, an appropriate color for any people and lot more important things. Added to this one always learns over time through experience and must “follow your dream, work for yourself, have a lot of patience, strength, be mentally and physically strong, love your job, learn professional ethics, speak to your colleagues and don't give up.”

Tatiana Shentyapina who enjoys hair styling and doing makeup equally believes that person from any profession can become a hair stylist at any point of time if he/she are passionate enough and she is one such person who can be an inspiration for many.

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