10 Signs That You Are passionate about music

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Shubham Deva

6 Jan,2016

Music, a melody that stirs a number of emotions and feelings in the person listening to it has since long been learnt and appreciated by many. Most people love to hear some soothing music while travelling or even while relaxing in their own space. Even music heard from a distant place or in the neighborhood often makes our ears sharp or makes us feel like tapping our feet.

Why does this happen? The simple reason which one can convey is that they are passionate about music. So, here are the top 10 signs through which you can understand if you’re one among the other passionate music lovers.

Concerts are never missed

Music lovers have a great liking for concerts and musical shows, which connect them with their favorite musical sensations and singers. It might be a rock show, a classical music concert or even a Bollywood night event and people, who are really passionate about music, never fail to attend these.

Love to be a part of a band

Often people whose life revolves around music can be seen playing a guitar, piano or drums in some or the other musical band, through which they fulfill their dream of displaying their music skills to the crowd. Being a part of a renowned band makes music freaks famous and they enjoy the attention they receive.

Followers of music communities

Music communities can be seen everywhere whether it be on social networking sites or as groups in the real world and people who are passionate about music often follow these communities and participate in the discussions conducted in these communities. Some music lovers even conduct certain competitions and programmes with the help of these communities.

Have a collection of records

Music has since long been recorded in vinyl records, cassettes and cd’s and people who are really passionate about music have a good collection of these records which they would like to listen to and groove when they feel like. The collection may range from ghazals, remixes, old songs collection, rock or metal songs, but preserving these is like a hobby for music lovers.

You have a song for every situation and every word that anyone says

Whenever you are out with your friends, family or alone, you have a song for every kind of situation. Your friend says a word and there you go, you start singing a song from that word.

Learning music as a hobby

Music has become a famous hobby and one can find many music schools which impart different types of music classes for people who are passionate about learning music. Especially classical music and instrumental music classes top the list and create awareness about the ragas among the masses.

Music becomes profession

Music is a source of bread and butter for many professional singers who follow their idols and practice and sing movie songs and other album songs. Such singers are highly passionate about music and always try to bring in some level of expertise and changes in the patterns of music.

Even people who choose to become music composers in their careers can be considered as highly passionate as they create their own tunes and lyrics to match with the tunes. Their music becomes a rage and they are even voted for their abilities to compose some wonderful songs.

Mostly gift things related to music

If you are an avid music lover you might be gifting things like music CD’s, musical instruments or things related to music, on several occasions. This might not be always be noticed by you and might come spontaneously because you love music.

When music can change your mood swings

In psychology, it is quite commonly mentioned that music heals a person and brings happiness and joy to people who are facing depression or anxiety as it has an effect on their brain cell. So when people are really passionate about music, they like to just listen to it to change their mood swings and entertain themselves. Thus, music has the power to keep us active and calm, just like yoga, if we are passionate about it.

Attach memories to music

Some people have the habit of listening to music when they are studying and when they actually sit in the exam hall, they can recall the lessons due to the music that was playing the background. This happens only because they actually connect their memories to certain types of music which make it convenient for them to remember the previous episodes.

Thus on the whole, the musical attachment is an awesome experience which connects us with ourselves and others around us. It is like a simple language which brings smiles on people’s face and is appreciated both emotionally and intellectually.


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