Aakarsh. S. Bhatt: Hear His Passionate Story Which Made Him An International Illusionist And An Actor

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Syeda Saba

20 Jul,2017

An international illusionist, Hypnotist and Mentalist Aakarsh. S. Bhat, also known as Axe in the US is basically from Mangalore and is a software engineer by qualification. Though he was an engineer, his passion was always for entertainment. Once he completed his engineering he moved to the US in crew ships. He started his journey as a magician at the age of 16.

The Multi-Talented

He was very hyperactive and multi-talented as a student. He was a singer, dancer, martial arts fighter and a spiritualist. Since he was from a middle-class Brahmin family, His father supported his art of magic as a hobby but not as a profession. His education loan which grew constantly was unpaid. When he switched to magic, family members were horrified, saying magic won’t feed him. He was depressed but his passion for magic never let him give up.

His Spontaneous Humour

Getting gigs from Mangalore was the biggest hurdle. He started reading books. Ninety percent of Aakarsh's magic tricks are adapted from books while the remaining 10 percent is a combination of tricks he learnt from online tutorial videos and fellow magicians in the United States. College campus was his testing ground for magic. His spontaneous humor is an added fascination. He mixes art, science, and psychology to create an illusion.

His Inspiration

David Blaine is definitely his role model, but if there is someone whom he can relate to that would be American magician Joshua Jay, also his inspiration. The very first celebrity that he performed for were Sandalwood actors Sudeep and Ramya. If there is someone, he would like to show his magic to that  would be ‘Rajnikanth’.

A Star Performer

He has performed over 800 shows and also one of the contestants in India’s got talent where many spectators, including Usha Uthup, Malaika Arora Khan, and Kiran have been spellbound with his performance. He was honored with his first award as the ‘Illusionist of the Year, Karnataka 2016’, from Brands Academy and presented by retired cricketer Syed Kirmani.

His aim is to become a professor in magic. He wants to get involved in it so much that when someone comes to him with any illusion he could give a number of solutions or ways of performing the same act in different ways.

Aakarsh. S. Bhatt As An Actor

Apart from magician, he wants to be an actor. He is debuting as an actor and is currently shooting for a movie named ‘Anjali Paapa’ where he is playing an antagonist.  The movie will be released in 2 languages Kannada and Tamil.

Definition of Passion According to him

Passion according to him is “something which won’t let you sleep, something which gives you that drive to wake up next morning and get going with fullest enthusiasm, something which makes you forget your deepest sorrows and all the problems in your life, something which gets you so involved that you don’t even realize how the time is passing”

An advice to newbies who are passionate about magic is “Start as young as possible”

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