Dating a Programmer/Developer?

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6 Aug,2016

Dating a Programmer/Developer? We Understand Your Pain 

Their romantic conversations can put the “app” into your “happily ever after.” I have fetched few cheesiest of the cheesy conversation which only developers and their partners can relate to, watch this space! ;)

Girl:      What would your life be without me?
Boy:     You are my intializer: without you, my life would point to null.
Girl:        Hey, is there something you want to ask?
Boy:      You are like my API. I want to know all your end points.
Girl:        Darling, What am I for you?
Boy:       You are my semicolon, without you i throw exceptions
Girl:         Will you be lost if I dont turn up anyday?
Boy:       Darling, you are the JDK in my life. You know i cant compile without you.
Girl:         Do you love me?
Boy:        you are my class, i am your objects, i dont construct without you.

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