How To Be A Star: An Interview With Vaishnavi Chandran

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Ashwini Narayan

29 Mar,2016

Brilliant, bold and beautiful, Vaishnavi Chandran is one of the fastest upcoming stars of South India. Being a student of twelfth grade, she is organized and meticulous, and has a sense of responsibility that is well beyond her years. She is a graceful dancer and her love for the stage blossomed into a love for acting. She has previously one several titles such as Princess South India and is swamped with three Kannada movies, one Tamil movie and another movie in Telugu. Taking time out of her busy schedule, she offers a few tips for young, enthusiastic aspirants-

  1. Identify-

Being a star is a lot of work. To succeed, it’s imperative to identify why, when and how to make it big. As Vaishnavi says, “I’ve been dancing since I could walk. It's my one true love. And as a dancer, you learn a lot about the stage life. You turn into an artist; a performer. So that had a major influence on me. Also, every time any one asked me what I wanted to do in life, I'd always say, "I want to be on the big screen". So it feels like I was born to do this.”

  1. Prioritise-

Studying in the twelfth standard, Vaishnavi knows how academics can sometimes get in the way of work. But she also knows that they are but a stepping stone for bigger projects. Prioritisation is a must when you have more than a few things on your plate.  “Managing a career and academics together automatically means sleepless nights. And I've always believed that if you are to gain something, you are to sacrifice something else too. I've also cut down a lot on the partying and the outings as well.”

  1. Be ambitious-

With an air of charisma and contagious energy, Vaishnavi excitedly mentions her several upcoming projects and dedication to the southern film industry. Her commitment has meant refraining from entering Bollywood until she has done complete justice to the projects she has at hand. When asked where she sees herself in ten years, she confidently answers, “I see myself as one of the most recognised artists in the Indian film industry, 10 years from now.” It is evident from her carefree attitude that a passion for your craft along with determination to surpass barriers is what will take you far in this ruthlessly pragmatic industry.

  1. Be cautious-

While it is important to make the best out of an opportunity, undertaking every project that comes your renders you vulnerable and open to exploitation. “The industry is not very safe, () so don’t trust the wrong people.” Be enthusiastic, but not naïve.

  1. Be your own motivation-

In a world as real of the film industry, there will be various people trying to take you down for their own benefit. “Forget the haters. Forget the naysayers. You will have a hundred hands pulling you down, but believe in yourself. Don’t let go of your hope, and know that you are destined for bigger things.” The first step to success is the belief that you can succeed.  After all, the world is your oyster.  

 "All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." --Walt Disney


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