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Sanchari Halder

12 Oct,2016


Different people have different immune systems. Some people have strong immunity, some people have weak immunity. The ones with weak immune system are more prone to diseases. They tend to catch cold or other diseases more often than other people. To strengthen immunity, people visit clinics and take medicines.

But there are other ways to increase the immunity level in a body without taking medicines and tablets.

You should have a minimum of 8 hours of sleep regularly. The sleeping cycle should be kept regular. If the sleep is incomplete, then it will lead to hormone cortical and prolonged elevation suppresses immune function.


Smoking is injurious to health. It weakens your immune system. It fills your body with tar and damages all the major organs if people smoke regularly on a high rate. So it is wise to avoid smoking to safeguard your immunity.


Excessive intake of alcohol also reduces immunity. It destroys the immune system and makes it prone to lung related diseases. Level of stamina is reduced, and also the power in the body to undergo any major sickness is reduced.


Green vegetables and fruits as a regular intake act as a boon to the body. It has the power of boosting the immunity system. Consumption of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis help strengthen your immunity.


Continuous avoidance of going out in the sun or consuming sunlight to avoid getting a skin tan leads to the decrease of level of immunity your body. Going out in the sun for some time, even if not on a regular basis would provide you with vitamin D and improve the immunity levels in your body.


Eating at least one piece of garlic everyday will result in boosting up the immunity system. Garlic has anti microbial agents and immune boosters that help in boosting the immunity system to the highest possible level.





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