Tattoos Have The Power And The Magic Of Their Own, They Decorate The Body But They Also Embrace The Soul: Brahma Tattoo Studio

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Puja Shree

29 Jul,2017

Tattoos, I believe, are the most effective way to connect with the deepest and innermost fantasies of people.” - Giri

Passion For Tattoo Started

Art has been a form of expression for him since his early days. He comes from a Brahmin priest family from Bangalore, so he was more interested in rich Indian culture and philosophy and eventually, he got an opportunity by a western artist and started working with him. Over the years he has explored more and more avenues and has grown as an artist, tenfold. But realization hit him the day he got his first tattoo. It was 1998 and since then he hasn't looked back.

"Seeing so many people laying bare their feelings and having so much trust in their tattoo artists, still intrigues me." - Giri  

His passion transcended to obsession by the year 2000 and he had no option but to learn this exciting art form. Fortunately, he landed on the steps of a professional tattoo artist from St. Petersburg, Russia. The road had never looked so clear and exciting with so many avenues in front of him. After a couple months of training, it was clear that art came into his life naturally and it was something he loved doing, and would never stop.

Responsibility Being A Tattoo Artist And Advice

According to Giri's suggestions;

  • A tattoo artist should be well recognized, genuine, and should also know the history behind tattoos.
  • You should inquire about the tattoo artist before getting inked.
  • A tattoo artist should carry a proof of his or her experience on the art form.
  • Always check the hygiene, and the type of material being used.
  • An artist should take total accountability if a tattoo causes any skin allergies or harm to customers.
  • Enquire about the material on how long they have used the same one.

And finally,

  • Do not go for a less cost tattoo.

Great to know that Brahma Tattoo Studio in India is the one and only platform to perform Paramedical and Cosmetic Tattoo.

The Experience That Matters!

With over 60,000 tattoo designs (tattoo art, flash, motifs, etc.) Giri's experience is pretty extensive and ranges from western traditional to tribal, Celtic, fantasy, animals, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Asian, kanji, religious, Aztec, gothic, complete body art, hand sleeve art, full hand art, and much more. Giri has worked over 12 years and experimented a lot with the help of dermatologist and skin doctors of Bangalore.

While talking to Giri, we got to know about various tattoo forms that are lesser known to people and one of them is Cosmetic Tattoo.  

Cosmetic tattoo! What is it?

It is a form of tattooing that is done on patients with leukemia to get their skin colour back, to redrawing eyebrows and even making permanent eyeliner tattoos. Giri believes that this form of tattoo gives a meaning to your life and helps get over the difficulties life has served you.

Style Of Work

All the chemicals and colors Giri uses, are organic and imported from Europe. He keeps a good connection with the European and American artists in order to be updated all the time.

He has been researching a lot on tattooing for 15 years where the history and existence of tattoo and symbols are being the main focus. He is specialized in Indian Traditional Ways of Tattooing which becomes the USP of his work.

"One of the unique applications of our tattoos is that they are pain-free. We use anesthetics to numb the area to provide a painless experience." - Giri

Giri also has experience on the practiced Vedic astrology, numerology, and palmistry. Tattoo gives him positive vibes and inspires him every moment to develop unique and different forms of tattoos.

Bangalorean’s don’t need the intoxicants anymore to get high. With this unique tattoo artist in the city, getting inked is the ultimate addiction today. Watch this video to find out what to look for while looking for a tattoo artist and what to do to become a passionate tattoo artist like Giri.

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