About Mentorship

About Mentorship

Do you know that only 13 % of the population follow their passion while the rest are stuck in mundane jobs they are not satisfied with? mentor-quote Through Passion Connect’s Mentorship Platform we can change this number a little at a time. A right mentor can guide you with their in-depth knowledge and push you in the right direction, as those who have lived their passion can only help others live their passion.
Most of us are passionate about something or the other but we lose out on our passion because we don't have proper knowledge and guidance. Our panel of experienced mentors will help you achieve success in your respective fields and who knows where you might land up through this? Join us to find out and experience an ocean of opportunities.

why mentorship

Guide Passionate People

With the Mentorship Platform you can guide all the passionate people. This will motivate both their personal and professional growth which will eventually let them grow, learn and explore new opportunities and hence move forward.

Passing Down Of Knowledge

There was someone who guided you towards the right path to follow your passion. Now it’s your turn to be the mentor who will motivate and support all the passionate people by sharing your knowledge.

Monetary Benefits

Mentorship platform not only gives you social acknowledgement but you can earn substantial amount also. When you guide the concerned persons towards an appropriate path you can charge for your valuable guidance and have financial gain.

How to become a mentor

Only by Invite

Log in to the Mentorship platform and create your profile with the basic information needed.

Create A Package

Moving forward, now you can create a package stating the amount for your time.

Create A Slot

You’re good to go! Next is to create a slot that is the date and time you will be available.

Accept The Request

Get a request and the purpose of connection. If you accept it, a payment link will be sent to the mentee.

Why take mentorship

Source Of Knowledge

With a mentor beside you, you can plunge into a pool of knowledge that will speed up and shorten your learning curve and instruct you in the correct path.

Best Guide

A mentor will help you to improve in those areas which you yourself often cannot. The mentor based on his/her experiences can help to skip the negative effects of mistakes and give you best, unbiased advice.

Inspirational Figure

Mentors are positive people who love to see their mentees succeed and will always find ways to stimulate our personal and professional growth.

how to book a session

Find an appropriate mentor

You’re a step closer to achieve success! All you need to do is to find a suitable mentor according to your passion.

Request a slot

Request a slot. Don’t forget to mention the purpose of your conversation with the mentor.

Make Payment

After sending the request, he/she will accept your request. You have to pay by the next 48 hours else your request is deactivated.

Get Connected

Congrats, you finally made it! You’ll receive a phone call at the prescribed time.

FAQ Mentor

Why should I become a Mentor?

This is a chance to pay back. In the past, you may have received good mentoring from someone and never had a chance to show your gratitude to him or her directly. Now you have an opportunity to reciprocate and "put something back into the pot”.

How does one identify right Mentor?

Every mentor’s profile will be on our platform. Mentee can go through the profile and choose the mentor with whom he/she wants to talk.

As a Mentor how will my profile be updated?

With every session, mentee will share his/her feedback and rate it. On the basis of that, we will update your profile weekly. You can also put your achievements, expertise etc. in your profile.

In which language am I supposed to get in touch with the mentee?

You can mention in your profile which languages are preferred by you.

What are the skills to be a Mentor?

You just need to be passionate and experienced in your particular field.

As a Mentor what is the time I should give myself for the session or how long in total ?

As a mentor, you can choose the time slot and also duration of the session, 30 min or 1 hour.

Should I sign any contract to be a Mentor?


How will the session help as being a Mentor ?

You will help the mentee by increasing his/her self-confidence and help to take better control of his/her career.

What if the Mentee gives bad feedback ?

We will share the feedback with you and our team will check the reason behind the bad feedback . We will get back to the mentee also and get the complete details of what went wrong .

How will be my mode of payment after the session or before the session?

Mode of payment will be online transfer to your bank account on 15th of each month.

FAQ Mentee

How will this Mentorship Platform help me?

Mentoring is a process by which you are guided by an individual with enormous experience, knowledge and skills in a specific field and also who is proficient, able, willing and available to share this information with you. There are research findings to prove that under the direction of a good mentor, you are given immediate access to valuable insights and rich experiences.

How is this different from the other training programmes?

Training programmes impart awareness of skills needed to succeed in a workplace. However, most activities which are simulated in a training room are difficult to apply in real life. You will find it much more practical to discuss the real day-to-day situations in your career and workplace with a mentor. While training programmes are for a group of people, mentoring platform by Passion Connect is completely customized for one-to-one sessions which are meant only for you.

How exactly can the Mentor help me grow my Passion?

By equipping you with skills that enable you to perform better will help you to achieve your Passion and life goals.

How can I find a right Mentor for my Passion?

At Passion Connect, we have a range of experienced and passionate Mentors who are willing to help you. You can find the profile of each Mentor and understand his/her area of expertise to find the right Mentor for you.

What if I am unavailable at the time that I booked the session with my Mentor?

There are no facilities of cancellations.

What if the mentor is not available at the prescribed slot?

Your money will be refunded.

How can I be sure the Mentor is not going to discuss our conversation with others?

The Mentors are contracted to keep the discussions confidential.

Can I meet the Mentor face to face?

If the mentor feels like he/she can share his/her details with you.

I have a Mentoring programme in my institute/organisation, why should I look for an external mentor?

External mentors are there only to mentor you and are available for you at a click away.

What about my personal information?

Your personal information will not be shared, you don't need to worry about that.

What requirements do I have to fulfil to participate as a Mentee?

You need to fill in your details and answer few questions and need to make the payment.

What if I start having problem or issues with my Mentor after the commencement of the session?

If you face any issue during the session, you can get back to us on info@passionconnect.in. You don't need to worry about it as every call is getting recorded. We will surely look into the matter.

How much time do I need to wait before I get a confirmation on my booking request?

If the Mentor is available for the session at the required time slot, you will get the message within 5 to 20 min.

What happens if a Mentor rejects my request?

Then you can search other Mentors and send him/her a request.

Can I talk to 2 different Mentors of the same domain?

Yes, you can speak to 2 or more Mentor from same and different domain. Well, we recommend you to speak to as many Mentors as you'd like or feel the need for it. The more questions you ask the clearer you get in terms of your Passion goals. Therefore, by speaking to more Mentors you will be able to figure out what you like and dislike.

What if I had further queries after the session? Is there any provision for a follow-up email or call?

You can book another session.

What if I do not find the right mentor on the Mentorship Platform?

You can let us know, we will try to find the right mentor for you. Also every week you will find new Mentor on our platform, so you can keep coming back.

What if I am not satisfied with the answer I was looking for, from the Mentor?

You can get back to us on info@passionconnect.in.

How do I get the most out of the mentoring session?

For a suggestion, you should do a basic research and keep a set of questions ready with you. Also mentor’s profile will be on our platform, which can help you to understand and get more information about the mentor selected by you.

How do we keep track of the time?

You don't have to track the timing of the calls. Call will get disconnected automatically once the time period of the session gets over. You will get a beep 2 mins before the time gets over.

Can I register as a Mentor and Mentee both?


What if I like a particular Mentor and want to continue talking to the person?

That's great. You can book another slot with that Mentor again according to the availability of the Mentor.

Can you find me the right Mentor?

We cannot find the Mentor for you, we can suggest you few Mentors according to their ratings and experience. You can select any one among them.

Does Passion Connect include background check for the registered Mentors?

Yes, we do the background check of all the Mentors, so that we can provide you the best and passionate Mentor.

What if my call drops in the middle?

We will try to reconnect the call for the remaining time.