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why create event with us?




For Free Events There is no platform fees


Platform Fee 1.5% of Transactional Value + Rs 10 per Transaction * Processing Fee 1.99% of Transactinal Value *

* 14.5% service tax on Platform Fee and Processing Fee.


1) Why should I list my Event with you ?

When you list an event with us, we make sure that it reached a niche audience of people that are interested in the said event. Also, by posting your event in a specific group/groups you can be rest assured that it will not get lost in the jungle of events.

2) How do I register with PC?

Registration with PC is free. To register Passionconnect.in/Createevent.

3) What are the benefits of registering on the site?

  • 1,000,000 (1 Million) that’s the current weekly Reach we have
  • Your event will be shared in relevant group so you can be rest assured that it reaches the Right Audience
  • Hosting an event with us is Free
  • When it comes to Promotion, the world is our oyster
  • Your events will be Linked to our articles to create more reach

4) Will My Data and information be safe with PC?

Passion Connect or any third party organisation will not have access to your data. The person who has hosted the event has sole access.

5) Where can I see my attendees Email ID and other Information?

You can see the information Under the dashboard . passionconnect.in/eventdashboard - From the Event , click Edit Event - Ticket Sold

6) Can i get payment to my paypal account?

No, As per now . We will credit to your bank account.

7) If the Event is cancelled . What is the process of Refund?

We will refund the entire to money within 7 working days.

8) Do I need to sign a contract with you?

No contract is necessary

9) How much are PC charges?

For Free Event - Its absolutely free.

Our Charges for paid event - Passion Connect charges 1.5% + 10 Rs + 14.5 % Service Tax on 1.5 % + 10 Rs & and additional charge of 1.99% ( Processing fees - Payment Gateway ) + 14.5 % Service tax on 1.99 %.

Example - Ticket price is Rs.100

Passion connect charges = 1.5 Rs (1.5% of Ticket Price ) + 10 Rs + 0.21 Rs ( 14.5 % Service Tax on 1.5 Rs ) = 11.7 Rs

Payment Gateway Charges = 1.99 Rs ( Processing Charges ) + 0.28 (14.5% service tax on 1.99 Rs ) = 2.27 Rs

10) In how many days does PC clear money?

Every Tuesday we will clear the payment into your bank account.

11) I am trying to list my Event , but its not working. What should I do?

You can contact us on - 9844191800 or email us at harmeetsingh@passionconnect.in