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Shubham Deva

26 Apr,2016

One of the major concerns of people around us is that of obesity and that stems from the pressing need to look good. With the lifestyle changes and the transition of diet from healthy to fast, people find it increasingly challenging to grope with the changes it brings along. The lack of time to take care of personal fitness is another reason why people are becoming obese. Be it the laziness to join a fitness program or the dearth of sustained inspiration to survive diet fads, people unintentionally overlook their health concerns and succumb to obesity and cholesterol. But you don’t have to go through the hassle of joining a gym or going for low calorie diet fad for you can lose weight naturally through certain prudent ways and yet make sure that you don’t have to stay away from getting a delightful dose of good taste. Certainly it is difficult to keep one from the tempting foods that are loaded in calories but here are seven healthy foods that do not compromise with the taste factor and yet pose as an impactful meal to make sure you have a heavy, nutrients rich diet to fight off the extra pounds.

Throw the junk, bring the Chicken:


You are what you need so why consume junk. The oil, the sugar and the corn syrup do no good to your body than by giving the flab and a temporary taste, so keep yourself away from fast foods but you can have a taste of the grand chicken and yet add in to your health. The protein and essential vitamins in chicken give you a great supplement for muscle building.

Forget the soda, try fresh juice:

Carbonated beverages are the worst thing your body can consume. So go for the healthy fresh juices from the fibre loaded fruits instead of the packed fizz that is just so unhealthy and calorific.

Fresh Juice

Lots of leafs in tasty salads:

Introduce a lot of veggies in your diet so that your body is rich in nutrients and active. Since they are low on calories, you can be sure that you are following a good diet and by adding a right combination of ingredients like lemon juice and olive oil, you can serve yourself a yummy dish.

Green tea or Herbal drinks:

Drinking green tea has known to have several benefits and since it is loaded with anti oxidants you can expect all the best bounties from this amazing drink but green tea might taste a little bitter and bland so add in honey and lemon along to have a soothing drink.

green tea

Dark chocolate and almonds:

Who can ever say no to dark chocolate whose taste gets better when combined with nuts so it might sound as a surprise to know that this scrumptious deal is also rich in anti oxidants which are great for health. Copious amounts of Sodium are not a great option for a healthy body since it increases water retention in the body which makes you look obese. So whenever you feel like staying away from salts, pop in a piece of dark chocolate and a few almonds.

Dark Chocolate

Bring in the Fishes:

Fishes are a rich source of protein and when combined with other healthy ingredients like olive oil or broccoli you get the best of both worlds of delicious and healthy.


Roll the eggs:

Foods that help to work on your metabolism like eggs are a good option than the unhealthy foods like pasta that just add to temporary taste. Eggs pose as a great thing for breakfast and contain high amounts of protein and low fat which makes sure you don’t gain any trashy calories.


While you try these tasty dishes remember that if losing weight was that easy we wouldn’t have fat people. If you want to be fit make sure you are involved in some physical activity that burns fat. Just idling away at the sofa wouldn’t show any results. Try these dishes along with some exercise without procrastinating for determination and action is what would lead to results. So, stay healthy and as fit as a fiddle.

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