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Ojaswi A. C

14 Aug,2017

A beautiful collaboration of technology, voluntarism, and story-telling is the motto behind KnowYourStar. Passion Connect met yet another passionate person Jaideep Rao who is the co-founder of this firm. Meeting this person as part of our mentorship program was a different experience for us. Here is Jaideep who is concerned about the rural kids and their future, someone who is working along with volunteers associated with his firm to provide bright future for the kids.


Following their passion, people at KYS are using several programs like Mentor India to educate children in an innovative way. They have a story to tell the kids and through the stories and interactions, they analyze the interests of the kids and what they are good at. In a way, they help kids to follow their passion with their unique tools and software and mentorship from volunteers. Connecting the kids to their interests, to help them pointing in the right direction and also provide the various opportunities in the desired field is how KYS works. Volunteers, however, are the key to making this happen, by connecting to schools, by conducting workshops and spreading the word and helping the students.

Providing plenty of possible options

Jaideep Rao, inspired by his own life where he wished he was told about the innumerable possibilities and career opportunities in his field of interest, he decided to provide the same for the next generation. Keeping in mind the various hurdles and lack of awareness about the career options, Jaideep felt it was time he came up with something to help out the future kids to have a clarity of path they wish to take. By doing so, he feels students are benefitted in making the right choices and living their passion. We at Passion Connect are proud to have met Jaideep who has good intentions and made it his passion to help others.

Transformation is easier with the right motivation

Jaideep tells us how his life changed from being a techie to co founding KYS. Although the project started out as a hobby, he quit his job and now he is dedicated to helping the kids out. But he says since his intentions were clear, it worked as a motivation for him to start his project. But he is a guy who is grateful for his time as an engineer as it helped him learn about the technical aspects needed for KnowYourStar and incredible work ethics.

Together anything is possible

Jaideep is super proud of his team and how they are so close knit. He mentioned instances where his team also consisting of volunteers raised funds needed, and how the interaction between them (mentors/volunteers)  helped the students. Being part of a social cause, he says teamwork is highly important. He counts his blessing as how his team has come together and how they help each other out in the firm.

Youths for social cause

Jaideep believes that it is every child’s right to know about the future possibilities and how he or she can contribute to the society or to the country. Keeping this in mind, he thinks it is the youth that has that potential to help kids around us. Social entrepreneurship will be boosted to a great extent when the youth of the country join hands and come together. Spreading awareness about social problems and helping the kids to live their passion is something that is sacred to the team of KnowYourStar.

Those of you who are interested in doing something to make a difference in the society, those who wish to volunteer and help the kids of the country, KnowYourStar is the place for you. Passion Connect wishes good luck to the team and appreciate the great work they are doing towards the society. #LiveYourPassion

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