Candida Louis: A Woman Biker Who Believes In Breaking All Old Society Norms

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Somanjana Chowdhury

28 Jul,2017

Breaking the old beliefs of society has always been a true challenge for women. It was the same for Candida too! But her passion for biking and an endless support from her parents made her path a little easier.

Candida Louis started biking with her father in Goa and those were the moments which made her clear in her mind that biking is what she wants to do in the future. She found her true passion.

The Start

However, the initial step to start living the passion was a big decision to make for Candida as it needed guts to tell her parents that she wanted to become a professional biker, especially, when her parents were proud of her 9 to 5 job at Infosys.

“Just give me one year to prove what I can do in biking,” said Candida with a confident attitude as she knew what she was doing and also knew that she can always go back to Infosys as a Financial Analyst.

The Milestone Covered

Candida did the seven months of all India bike riding which was in between 2014 and 2015 and in which she covered 25 states of India. It was roughly around 24000 km. In this journey, she got to know how helpful the bike riders’ communities are.

The Punjab Diary

Out of many experiences in her journey, the Punjab one was really unique as the cops there made her stop to make her switch off her bike headlights. Being a follower of the international bike riding rules, Candida made her point and finally convinced the cops to take back their order.

It’s Going Great So Far!  

Parents, relatives, friends and the other professional bikers had to understand what biking was for Candida. She not only started showing a great interest and improvement in it but also loved it with her heart. As she started planning and executing bike journeys inside and outside the country she started dealing with requests to send her pictures to all of them.

“Most of the times I was in areas where they don’t have a network connection. So, it would take me so long to send my riding pictures to all of them,” Candida said adding that she needed a proper solution for the problem. As a solution, she created one FB page and started posting her everyday activities. Though the page initially was only for her family and friends, it now has over 11000 followers.

A Call For The Female Bikers

Candida feels privileged to train women bikers and help them to become professionals. As she works for Wicked Ride, she gets connected to a good number of young women who come to her with various quarries about bike riding.

The main question that they ask her is, “I am really short, and so, can I ride a heavy bike?” to which Candida answers that it doesn’t matter how tall you are or how much you weight but it’s all in the mind.

You have to be Strong In Mind First

The group called ‘Bikerni’ today has around thousand women bike riders from India and Candida feels extremely proud to be a part of it. She believes that though we can see a lot of young people riding bikes on the road, the true and passionate bikers are those who ride bikes by following each and every rule. Candida herself recommends a helmet, jacket, guards, and boots while biking as she considers safety as the first priority.

For Beginners

“Take it slow” is what Candida suggests to the beginners. As she, along with her group rides almost 800 to 1000 km a day, she knows how the basic fitness and patience is needed to do that for the first time itself. She advises that starting with small distances first and then increasing it helps a lot to learn bike riding properly and in this way you will understand whether it is your passion or you are doing it only to show others.

Off The Road

It is really difficult for Candida to mention one place or route that she loved the most while travelling in India, but as she has a fascination over the off roads she enjoyed the journey from Kanyakumari to Tirunelveli.Candida is looking forward to the near future where a huge number of women take bike riding as their passion and profession so that the usual society beliefs like only men ride bikes totally breaks and people get used to the change.

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