Chef Kanakadri Narasimhalu – This Go Native Organic Chef Believes In Eating Healthy And Caring For Nature

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Ojaswi A. C

30 Jul,2017

Go Native is a great place for those who do not want to add any extra unwanted calories in their diet. Keeping the need to eat clean, and stay healthy, places like Go Native are coming up with organic food concepts and it is catching on like a house on fire. Passion Connect caught hold of the passionate chef Kanakadri Narasimhalu at Go Native who has expertise in organic food. Let us see how his passion started and know more about his journey.

Experience Molds You

Chef Kanakadri shares with us that he is in the culinary industry for more than twelve years now and his experience at different places helped him mold himself as a chef. He says cooking is not just about food or about what you plate up with certain ingredients together. It is much more than that. His experience working in different places and many top rated hotels not only added value to his resume but made him more conscious and more aware of the food industry.

The Importance Of Eating Clean And Healthy

One may have heard the phrase, “You are what you eat” and that precisely made the Chef take up organic cuisine. Coming from a family where elders at his home constantly talked about eating healthy food, it inspired Kanakadri to take up this line of work. He says that it has become a major concern for people to eat healthily and to have a healthy lifestyle. Kanakdri, through his cooking, likes to believe that he is contributing to the world. Having food made from pesticide-free vegetables is bliss for health conscious food lovers and this Chef understands that very well!

Keeping Heritage Alive

Passion Connect exploring the menu with the chef learnt how important it is for people at Go Native and the chef to promote heritage food with old recipes. They believe that there are set of people who still love to taste old recipes and are conscious about healthy food contrast to junk food and Chef makes the organic recipes interesting as well as tasty. Chef feels through his food and he wishes to rekindle the memories of home-made food and take his customers to a nostalgic trip reminding them about the food their grand parents used to cook. It is more about emotions the chef tries to connect to, through his passion.

Directly From Nature- Go Native

Having organic food certainly, makes a huge difference, says Kanakadri. Looking at some interesting facts about the organic vegetables, he pointed out to us that organic farm vegetables contain 27% more nutritious elements (like Vitamin C) than normal vegetables among others. It only talks about his passion for good healthy food.

Chef talked about the growing trend toward food industry and how educational institutes are coming forward with collaborative creative courses in the culinary field. But Kanakadri says, it is not just the passion for food but they should also think about what they are contributing to nature. Passion Connect was excited to have met a person who was passionate about serving his customers with healthy food and believes that by doing so he is doing his part of caring for nature.

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