Dubai : A Dazzling And Cosmopolitan Destination

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Neha Ghosh

27 Jun,2016

Dubai is a famous spot for shooting Hollywood and Bollywood movies for example Fast and Furious, Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, etc. Dubai has soaring structures, futuristic architecture, glitzy malls, and leisurely living is what attracts tourists from around the world. Dubai is still a country which is under a King’s reign.

  1.The local people of Dubai are called Emiratis which are just 15% of the total population.


   2.The tallest building in the world is Burj Khalifa, with a 164 floors is in Dubai and 24-carat gold covers the interior


    3.The metro station in Dubai has 42 stations


     4.Gold Souk, a market in Dubai is where they sell cheap Gold.


  5.People in Dubai don’t need to pay income taxes or VAT, no worries of paying taxes.


  6.The Dubai police fleet includes a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bentley


  7.   Dubai has no address system, no zip codes, no area codes and no postal system


    8.There are ATMs in Dubai that disburse Gold bars


9.The Gold and Diamond Park in Dubai is where you will find unique designs


10.Dubai celebrates big festivals like Dubai shopping festivals, luxury car parade and mustang parade


11.The people in Dubai keep wild cats as pets like Leopards


12.The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping center in the  world with over 1,200 stores



13. A stunt from the movie Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol was shot in Burj Khalifa


14.The Palm Jumeirah in Dubai is the world’s largest artificial island and is visible from space


15.The most luxurious hotel in the world is in Dubai and it’s called the Burj Al Arab

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