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Everything Wrong With The Indian Television Soap Operas

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shahid khan

14 May,2016

Everything Wrong with the Indian Television Soap Operas


Old is gold!

Gone are those days when Indian television used to have some meaningful and sensible tv shows. Being a huge nation with diverse population india needs something that not only entertain people but also educate them .

Let's go back 2 decades ago when we used to have only doordarshan channel on our tv set. Doordarshan is always known for its contribution in educating, informing and entertaining the masses. Tv shows like buniyaad, circus, chitrahaar,rangoli were among the best shows of tv those days and there is no denying the fact that those shows were more meaningful than the current shows which is being telecasted on national television.


The “K” factor

Being a constant televison watcher you can easily observe the changes happening around the television world.  Talking about the current indian tv shows , there are number of flaws which you can easily point out by watching  some tv shows which are being telecasted on big channels like star plus , zee tv etc . Let's start with the  tv shows produced under the banner of balaji telefilms . Yeah , here we are talking about the K factor queen ekta kapoor who is very well known for giving hit tv shows like kyunki saas bhi kabhi bahu thi, kahani ghar ghar ki, kahin to hoga and so on. It is believed that she is the one who who first brought the saas bahu catfight on indian television. No doubt they were family oriented, dramatic, emotional but nothing was sensible and meaningful. I mean how people could be so foolish and dumb !


Revolution on the indian television content after a long time

The saas bahu dumb concept successfully ruled over indian television for more than a decade .  what’s  coming next was something unique unlike the other traditional tv shows. And it was  Baalika vadhu who brought the revolution in the content of indian television. Since last 10 years (ekta kapoor days) nobody came with such concept which dealt with the social issues of the society. Balika Vadhu was all about child marriage in some rural region of Rajhasthan. It was  good to have such shows back on indian television. Since then, similar shows appeared on television based on social issues like gender equality,women empowerment, youth motivation etc. e.g., Diya aur baati hum, udaan etc


Excess of anything is bad!

The excess of anything is always not healthy and same thing applies to indian television shows . The moment show makers realised that this social issue mantra is working and filling their pockets heavily, they began adding twists, masalas like they did in saas bahu soap operas.All they need is constant flow of money which can only be possible if the show is going to last for years and years and years. As we all know ekta kapoor is expert in extending the life span of tv shows. In the same way , producers were treating these good shows like that only. Let’s take an example ; Baalika vadhu , Uttaran , Diya aur baati were some really good shows in the beginning years but constant experiments with the story, unnecessary twists  really tarnished the soul of these tv shows. But I must appreciate “sasuraal genda phool” that used to be broadcasted on star plus few years back .That show was perfect in every manner . it was a complete package of family drama, romance, mild comedy and little more.It only lasted for two seasons. What I am telling you is , not every long running show is the good one , two seasons would be much greater and subtle than 10 years of  same melodrama crap. I believe pakistani tv dramas are far better than indian soap operas. There are some good reasons through which I can prove my point.

First thing is their “content” which is not only family oriented but so influential that any common person could find himself closer to that show.

Second thing is their “storyline” and “cast” which seems so perfect in every manner.

Final point is their show’s  “life span”, unlike indian tv soap operas where there is always a party for every 100,200 and so on episodes, pakistani tv dramas generally includes one or two season with 50 episodes maximum.


Some channels you can trust

But there are always some good tv channels which always try their best to entertain the people in the way they should be. Sab tv is among one of those tv channels which always makes funny shows in order to bring smiles on the viewers face. As far as other channels are concerned there has been a lot of progress sice then like music channels, cartoon channels, educational channels are really doing very well.


Little space for kids

There is one more thing I am quite concerned about and that is very little space for kids on television. Shows like shaktimaan, haatim, shakalaka boom, son pari were pretty much famous among kids during the past decade. Talking about current scenario ,apart from cartoons like doremon, chotabheem and several others there are literally no shows for kids. Sometimes I feel lucky because in my childhood days I used to enjoy shaktimaan on doordarshan and almost all the cartoons on cartoon network.

Lets hope!

I would be glad if indian tv producers start working on sensible, authentic and meaningful storyline rather than making same kind of boring, lengthy and crappy televison soap operas. And they should try to come up with something which can equally entertain kids and teens as well. All we can do is “ hope” for the  better.


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