Everything You Need To Know About A Bottle Of Bubbly

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Neha Ghosh

6 Jul,2016

"Drinking good wine with good food in good company is one of the life’s most civilized pleasures" - Michael Broadbent

Wine is one of those things that people like to be able to talk about. It is a very old and complex drink with a long and fascinating history, people drink wine to lose weight as it has zero cholesterol. Wine is an alcoholic beverage that is consumed by people all over the world.

  1. The custom of bumping glasses with a “cheers” greeting came from old Rome where they used this method to make sure no one is trying to poison the other.
  1. Wine is a mild natural tranquilizer, serving to reduce anxiety, and relieve tension
  1. With 1500 natural chemical compounds, most of the vitamins and minerals your body needs exist in wine
  1.  Moderate wine drinkers have 50% fewer deaths from coronary disease than non-drinkers

  1. One to two glasses of wine per day could lower reduce the likelihood of developing diabetes by 58%
  1. The 3 major wine regions of the world are France, Italy, and Spain.
  1. The color of red wine is created by fermenting the skins of red grapes, in addition to the juice. Pink wines start like reds, but the skins are removed early in the fermentation process.
  1. The first clear health benefit of wine was that it saved growing populations from the diseases caused by bad water.

  1. The smell of young wine is called an “aroma” while a more mature wine offers a more subtle “bouquet.
  1. California, New York, and Florida lead the United States in wine consumption
  1. California is the fourth-largest wine producer in the world, after France, Italy, and Spain
  1. Wine tasters swirl their glass to encourage the wine to release all of its powerful aromas.

  1. It is traditional to first serve lighter wines and then move to heavier wines throughout a meal.
  1. A vintage wine is a product of a single year’s harvest. A non-vintage wine is a blend of wines from two or more years.
  1. Wine glasses should always be held by the stem and not the bowl because the heat of the hand will raise the temperature of the wine

  1. European wines are named after their geographic locations while non-European wines are named after different grape varieties
  1. One ton of grapes makes about 60 cases of wine or 720 bottles
  1. The word “champagne” is named after a province in France, meaning “open country

NO, Amy Winehouse is not a name of a vineyard! although she could have probably drank an entire vineyard. Rest her soul!

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