Hacking The Celebrities’ Fitness With Fitness & Yoga trainer Dr. Ravi Krishna

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Ojaswi A. C

28 Aug,2017

We all dream of having that perfect body and here is Dr. Ravi Krishna who believes it is certainly possible with the help of Yoga.  This passionate dentist confesses that his passion earlier was to be a chef but nonetheless, he realized fitness stream was his choice and that eventually became his passion. He equated dream to passion and having a dream and working for it is the best form to live your passion.

You are the best!

Talking to Dr. Ravi, Passion Connect was filled with positivity as he says it's best to always believe in oneself. He was very modest of the fact that he has trained Bollywood celebs like Jacqueline Fernandes. But he believes that everybody is unique in their built and physique and hence the training is different for each person.

Breaking some myths

Fitness enthusiasts, listen up! Dr. Ravi shares his opinions on some of the myths of having a six-pack is a must for a guy to look cool. He believes that fat is good for our body and that following trends blindly without understanding how our body works could be a wrong decision.

Celebrity Vs Normal people

We were quite curious to know his experience while training the celebrities and when asked Dr. Ravi kindly explained the practical differences training them. Celebrities are able to spend up to three hours straight up in the gym just to focus on their fitness and also have their personal dieticians. But a normal person like you and me supposedly have a nine-hour job cannot afford to spend that kind of time. He advises against crazy diets and his experience in the industry backs it up. Dr. Ravi takes his passion very seriously and he stresses on the science behind diets and yogas.

Yoga with right technique

Talking about yoga without proper knowledge is dangerous. Dr. Ravi enlightens us on the various technical aspects of breathing involved in yoga. Having proper knowledge is the golden rule one must follow who wants to take up this line. Talking about yoga, he says that it is a slow process but once the basics are perfected, one can go on to try different postures and styles.

Family always had his back

Having a bright and successful career like Dr. Ravi is the result of following his passion but it certainly did not happen overnight for him. His choice of passion was backed by his family and he draws strength from it. But having passion as a dream and following it is the key to his success, he says.

Being a passionate yoga teacher he conveys to us that yoga is still a spiritual path although it is used as a work out in present days. He also points out that yoga is said to replace gym trends soon and will be preferred over gym workouts as it also boosts one's mental strength and body flexibility. Watch the video for a detailed information about yoga and fitness varieties.

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