Healthy treats: Sweet Grilled Sandwiches

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Shubham Deva

22 Apr,2016

When it comes to snacking and you feel slight pangs of hunger, nothing works better than sandwiches whose mere name is enough to draw a mouth watering reaction. But what is the point of a sandwich if it has not been treated with a rich dose of butter or cheese or grilled red to perfection. Grilled sandwiches sweet or savoury have always been an awesome thing to munch and since they are easy to prepare it definitely doesn’t take rocket science to make yourself a sandwich that is rich in taste and leaves you with a taste that you are less likely to forget. So for all those people who are less interested in cooking, here are seven different delicious grilled sandwiches that will compel you to move out of your couch and show some cooking chops.

1. Caramelized to awesomeness:

To make this sandwich that has pesto and mozzarella cheese, you need to have crusty bread and make a mixture of cheese, tomatoes and onion in olive oil. Add salt and pesto in the mixture. Once you have this stuffing ready just caramelize your bread and fill the stuff inside to get your grilled caramelized sandwich. The wholesome taste of cheese and caramel would definitely woo your senses.

chicken grilled cheese

2. Grilled Mozzarella delight:

Mozzarella cheese is one of the best tasting cheeses and when it is combined with eggs and stuffed into a grilled sandwich the taste goes a notch higher. To prepare this simple dish all you need to do is to put the melted mozzarella cheese onto the breads and then have a coating of egg on either side of the sandwich. Once this is done you are ready to grab a bite.

Grilled Mozzarella delight

3. Melting chocolate sandwich:

To have this delicious chocolaty treat your grilled bread must be absolutely crunchy and once that is done just stuff in some dripping yummy chocolate inside and shred some cheese for garnish. Even icing sugar on either side of the bread would do wonders to your chocolate grilled sandwich. Chocolates are a hot favourite of kids so if you wish to give them a culinary surprise just serve a plate of hot chocolate sandwiches.

Melting chocolate sandwich

4. Sautéed Mushroom filling:

Mushrooms are a great option for vegetarians and when they are sautéed in olive oil along with cheese and herbs then their taste increases manifolds. So when you feel like having a change of palate then you can always opt for the subtle mushroom that can never go wrong with as the stuffing for your grilled sandwich. After you taste this you would not look at mushrooms the same way.

Sautéed Mushroom filling

5. Sugary maple syrup on cheese:

To have this sweet grilled snack all you need to do is to layer a rich amount of butter on your bread and make it crunchy by grilling it adequately. After you are done with the stuffing of melted cheese inside just pour a huge spoon of the delicious maple syrup in order to have the ultimate bliss of perfect grilled cheese sandwich with maple syrup which would pose as the perfect dish for breakfast. The combination of cheese and syrup would be absolutely amazing to add sweetness to your whole day.

Sugary maple syrup on cheese

6. Chicken cheese grilled sandwich:

When it comes to chicken nothing can beat its dominance in good taste. But what if the amazing chicken was combined with a variety of scrumptious ingredients and stuffed into a grilled sandwich. The result would be brilliant. In the chicken cheese sandwich you combine cheese, mayonnaise, chicken cubes and onions in order to stuff in a buttery, crunchy bread. This sandwich is certainly a treat for non vegetarians.

Chicken cheese grilled sandwich     

7. The leafie grilled:

Nothing is better than the classic vegetable cheese grilled sandwich that is not only easy to make but remains as one the most tried out dishes. Giving you the chance to experiment with the kind of veggies you like, you can always add herbs and other seasoning ingredients in your vegetable cheese grilled sandwich to have a nice evening snack. Couple it with a cup of tea or coffee and your mood is all set from sombre to happy.

The leafie grilled

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