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Ojaswi A. C

3 Jul,2017

It is predicted that By 2020, there will be over 5 billion internet users, with over half of them accessing the internet over handheld tablet devices and 80 billion connected devices worldwide. One thing that will not change in the coming future is the momentous need of a good smartphone. Mobile phones will only grow in demand and looks like they will not lose their currency. Where ‘change is the only constant’ in the world, the way we are addicted to technology and social media is expected to evolve abundantly. Now we don't know if it is going to have a fruitful outcome or not, but the way things operate will certainly get a makeover.

Social media experience is headed toward making the virtual experience as realistic as possible. The way we stay connected to people is going to get a whole new definition in the next course of time. I think we are already getting the glimpse of it through our current favorite sites like FB, Instagram, and Snapchat. Here are some of the predictions that experts have made that are ought to take over in the next few years:

Our favorite apps!

Don't worry folks our favorite addictive apps Facebook, Instagram and snap chat are only expected to innovate new things and make things more interesting. Only sad thing is you may not see much of Twitter around. It is said to have a similar fate of mySpace over the next years!

360-degree experience

With the growing influence of technology, we are expected to see more of a ‘holistic’ experience when it comes to buying things. A big trend in social media in 2017 will be 360° content. More and more people will be shooting 360° videos with their GoPro cameras to upload them on Facebook or Twitter so that their friends feel totally immersed. Businesses will also greatly benefit from this new technology. They’ll be able to show 360° videos of hotels, houses, cars, museums, art galleries etc. to their potential clients on different social media channels.

Storytelling through video content

Last year, Facebook more than doubled its daily video views to 8 billion, reportedly overtaking YouTube. In addition, Facebook launched a live streaming video service, Facebook Live, to compete with Twitter’s Periscope. YouTube also remains a strong competitor, now with high-definition 4K live streaming capabilities. These go beyond the edited and produced videos many users now watch, to live, raw footage. Video already shows higher engagement than many other channels, so live video makes sense as the next iteration.

Social selling will be robust in the future

E-commerce has felt a bit like a missing piece from the social media feeds. Sure, you can tweet/post/Snap about a product that you’re selling, yet your potential customers must still leave the social network they’re on to visit your site in order to complete the purchase. Not anymore. The customers will directly be able to purchase off of their social media apps. Pinterest has a “Buy It” option on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices, where you can buy Pinned products directly from Pinterest.


Bots will replace customer care helplines in the future

Artificial intelligence is now reaching a level where it is useful to many people’s daily lives. The rise of digital assistants, such as Siri, Cortana, and Google Assistant have got people used to talking to their phone rather than exercising their fingers. Bots are expected to help out people with their queries instead of people doing the job. We will be interacting with Bots more than we know! With Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Google Allo all introducing integrated bots to help with bookings and customer service, prepare to start talking to machines much more often.

Virtual or augmented reality to be more common

Think about what happened this year. For a while, you could barely walk down the street without someone bumping into you while they tried to catch a Rattata. Pokémon Go introduced a lot of people to AR, and it showed that there is mass appeal for it when it is executed well. It is expected that people are going to have more connection to the augmented world and we get to see more such Pokemon Go apps! Several VR sets went on sale and generated hype, although they don’t seem to have that killer app yet.


More expiring content

The success of Snapchat has seen many of its competitor’s introducing features inspired by the ephemeral messaging app. Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp have all ‘borrowed’ Snapchat features recently. It seems to disappear content might be about to become even more popular. It will be interesting to watch the inventive ways brands embrace these new features, just as they have for their Snapchat campaigns.

Maybe I will delete my first blog post! Or the one I posted 24 hours ago!


Surprisingly Twitter is said to fade away

In recent years, Twitter has been in a slow decline. Many analysts have even predicted a slow demise for the one-time social media giant. While Twitter will likely survive, it’s pretty unlikely that you’re going to find any positive references to Twitter if you search the web for Social Media Marketing Trends 2017. Wondering what happened! Well, maybe Twitter does not have the same impact as it used to when it started! (Glad, I hardly used that app!).


So where do you see yourself in the middle of all these evolutionary changes?

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