New Jersey The Garden State

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Neha Ghosh

6 Jul,2016

New Jersey is an aggressively industrial state, and has been throughout U.S. history. As far back as 1791, when Alexander Hamilton chose the Great Falls of the Passaic River as the site of a model factory town, industry began to shape the state. Then, throughout the 19th century, New Jersey saw transportation feed industry, as canals, railroads, roads, and ports were built. And on into the 20th century, as its highway and transportation systems improved, it has continued to reign as one of the leading industrial states in the country. However, past glory aside...there is still so much to New Jersey

  1. Wildwood is one of only a few beaches that is actually expanding. It’s also home to the largest kite-flying event in the world.
  1.  New Jersey ranks as the state with the highest cost of living
  1. New Jersey is home to few celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Tom Cruise, Lauryn Hill, Shaq, John Travolta to name a few
  1. New Jersey was the first state to sign the Bill of Rights.

  1. New Jersey has 127 miles of coastline on the Atlantic Ocean, with more than 50 resort cities including Asbury Park, Cape May, Seaside Heights, and Atlantic City
  1. New Jersey is called The Garden State with more than 9,800 farms covering 790,000 acres of farmland
  1. New Jersey has the densest system of highways and railroads in the country

  1. The Atlantic City Boardwalk was the first in the country and is the longest in the world
  1. New Jersey has the most diners of anyplace in the world
  1. New Jersey is one of the top contributors of cranberries in the world

All these glorious facts aside, did you know that New Jersey is some times referred to as the “Mosquito State”? Obviously, in reference to the irritating little insects. However, funnily enough… New Jersey does not have any more insects than the other states so we have no clue how it came upon that nickname.

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