Number 13 : Lucky or Unlucky !!

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Amee AS

1 Jun,2016



            The belief that the number 13 in unlucky is very ancient. The Romans believed the number 13 was a symbol of death and destruction. Norse legends claimed that the thirteenth guest at a banquet is the spirit of evil. Traditionally , there used to be 13 steps leading up the gallows. there's also a legend that a hangman,s noose traditionally contained 13 turns , but it,s actually more like eight


In Christianity, the number brings bad luck if often said to become from the last supper, when christ sat down with his 12 disciples- making 13 people. Some people think that first person to leave a dinner table of which there are 13 diners will die before the end of the year.



Unlucky for some ?


  • The thirteenth Apollo space mission was known as Apollo 13. on 13 April 1970. there was an explosion on board and the spacecraft began to leak oxygen. This happened two days after it took off at 13:13 (1:13 pm). The spacecraft only just made it back to Earth.
  • ON Friday, 13 September 1928,a hurricane killed 2,000 people in Puerto Rico, Florida and the Virgin Islands, and caused approximately $25 million in damage.
  • There is no building in Paris that bears the number 13.
  • Italy omits the number 13 from its national lottery.
  • The 13th of the month costs the USA about $1 billion a year through cancellations on trains and planes, absenteeism from work, and reduced business activity.
  • Although a coven is now just considered to be any group of witches (or vampires if you're into a certain young adult series sparkly supernaturals ), it was once believed that coven was made up of exactly 13 members.
  • Friday, October 13,1972, was a bad day in the history of aviation . that,s the day when Urugyana Air force Flight 571 infamously crashed in the Andes, Killing 29 people. on the exact same day , 174 people were killed when a soviet Aeroflot crashed in a Lake about a Kilometer from the runway.




Lucky For some ?

  • The number 13 was sacred for the Mayans and Aztecs of central America, and it is traditionally a lucky number in china.
  • Buddhists pay homage to 13 Buddhas, and the orthodox Jewish prayer book holds 13 principles of faith.
  • In Greek belief , Zeus was the thirteenth and the most powerful god of the Greek mythology. thus, 13th is the symbol of incorruptible nature, power and purity.
  • In Thailand, the New Years is celebrated on 13th April . It is considered as an auspicious day when all the bad omens are washed away by splashing water on people.
  • In Hindu belief 13th day of any month is an extremely auspicious day according to Hinduism. The 13th day is Taryodashi according to Hindu calendar. this day is actually dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that person who worships lord Shiva on this day blessed with wealth, children, happiness and prosperity. Hence, this 13th number is not considered any unlucky in Hindu belief even its a considered as most fruitful day in Hindu belief.



    It is clear from above statements that 13 numbers is considered as Lucky and unlucky also. In different culture , region or Societies it is considered as good and bad also. we can say that all because of some bad coincidences it is believed as unlucky and on a basis of some good happening it is considered as good.


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