Passion Story: Vidyut Jamwal On Making A Lifelong Commitment To The Ideology Of Holistic Health

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Somanjana Chowdhury

15 Mar,2017

When fitness is not a trend for him

We tend to describe fitness in a lot of ways. Sometimes it is a habit, sometimes it can be only an idea without any application, and of course, it has become a trend nowadays. However, the answer we are all looking for is, how much sacrifice should I make to get the tag of a fitness freak or, how much effort can I put in to get that perfect body shape? Well, according to Vidyut, it is not about sacrifice or any effort, it is all about what your passion is and what do you want to be.

Martial artist and Bollywood actor Vidyut Jamwal says that being and staying fit is a better way of life for him that he chose and this is the reason he never felt tired or bored of maintaining the routines necessary for it.

“A lot of people have the wrong idea about fitness. They think people with great bodies are healthy and fit. The truth is you may not be fit in spite of having a six pack. Fitness is never about short-term goals. It’s not a fad or a trend.”  - Vidyud

Living his passion in Bollywood

Starting from his first movie ‘Force’ Vidyut has been playing the roles of the action characters, whether it is a hero or a villain. Though he is open to trying other genres as well, according to him, a little bit of action never hurts. He would love to be called an action hero. His upcoming film ‘Commando 2’ has also a lot of risky and uncommon stunts to offer which Vidyut did justice to.

“I don’t fear getting stereotyped. People already know me as an action hero and frankly, I enjoy it. I am one of the few actors who do hardcore action stunts and I am very proud of it.” he says.

Walking through the path

Vidyut trains everyday anywhere between six to eight hours. He has been practicing a variety of martial arts like kalaripayattu, jiu jitsu, etc. since a very young age. Also, he practices gymnastics with his trainer and other friends. Vidyut is not really a gym person so he hits the gym three to four times a week for strength training and works on his legs, shoulders, etc.  "Besides gymnastics and martial arts, I also practice parkour," He says.

“I believe that the body has wisdom of its own and in order to fine tune it, one must work out and indulge in adequate exercise.” he adds.

Your strength lies in your brain

“I feel my strength lies in my brain because I'm very focused and motivated when it comes to staying fit. The ability to go beyond determination and motivation lies in the brain.”- Vidyut

Vidyut has never faced any serious problem while training as he used to stay fit since his childhood. He was a vegetarian since he was 14 and that never became an issue while maintaining a diet routine. He drinks protein shakes every day but his main source of protein is tofu. Vidyut doesn’t really adhere to a strict diet as he believes that our food should contain a balance of all the basic tastes i.e. sweet, sour and salty.

“I eat four meals a day and avoid oily food and aerated drinks. As for my food weakness, it would have to be cheese. I love the taste of cheese!”- Vidyut

There’s no excuse where passion is

Vidyut used to enjoy being fit even when he was only three and thinks that if you really want to live something fully, you won't mind practicing every single day without missing it. It is the will power that keeps you going all the time and no matter what difficulties come to your path, you always find a way out.

“People often complain about the lack of facilities, like a gym around their locality. These are excuses. The truth is that you can sprint anywhere – be it on the streets or a treadmill. Most of the strength-building exercises like chin-ups, push-ups, and sit-ups can be done anywhere, anytime.”- Vidyut

When a person turns impossibilities into possibilities for a cause, it is his passion and when he shares his journey with the world, it becomes a passion story. Fitness, for him, is  definitely a passion. #LiveYourPassion!

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