Pradeep-Praveen: The Brother Duo Who are Entertaining People With Their Passion For Music For More Than A Decade

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Ojaswi A. C

21 Aug,2017

Pradeep and Praveen, passionate music composers in the Kannada film industry, known for their significant contribution in Kannada light music (Sugama Sangeeta) with their compositions and songs for over fourteen years. Passion Connect had a wonderful time learning about the duo’s journey and knowing how it all started for them!

Growing up with music…

Talking to Pradeep and Praveen, we gathered that their passion for music started rather early when their keen interest toward music made them learn music at a young age. Being well versed in Carnatic music, the music brothers were also associated with many art houses and institutes that were associated with music.

Any time is the best time to live your passion

Pradeep and Praveen relish the times when they worked at odd hours, even at nights because it was important to let that passion speak. This is one of the best things about passion in life, it will make you do things you wouldn't do otherwise or in your everyday life. Starting as early as six and nine, the brothers count their blessings to have been trained under some of the big giants in the music industry.

With the right mentorship, it is easier

Many are not fortunate enough to get the right guidance and mentorship to live their passion, That is one of the reasons Passion Connect finds people who are excellent in their chosen field and talk to them about their passions. Always having a mentor to help you and mentor you is a blessing say the brothers. They recall how their childhood was full of not letting a single opportunity go when it came to learning music. Although not very structured, Praveen and Pradeep are grateful for the early guidance they received.

When art runs in your blood

Praveen and Pradeep say that their family has been a tremendous backbone and excellent support system for them to balance their passion along with their professional life. Having to balance a day’s job and live your love for music although hard, they still manage to do it. They recall how their father who is a theatre artist himself was the ardent fan of theatre and music and always encouraged them to live their passion. The music duo re-lived their golden days where they performed popular plays and made a name for themselves and hit the popularity chord. The media attention for the two, as they proudly say was soaring during their early days. Now, they have a full-time job and make time for their musical passion in equal measures.

Being trained under Ashwath Sir

Although Praveen and Pradeep have learned and gained music knowledge from many prominent names, to name the best few, they told us about learning period with Ashwath Sir. Their talent is multifaceted and as a result, they have been brilliant theatre artists, musicians, singers, and composers. They also indulge themselves in charity works and conduct competition for the disabled children.

Interacting with the talented musicians, they explain to us the various genres in music and how they are beginning to explore new dimensions in music. But the next trend they believe to become big is -live music. The take away from the discussion was that- people who are interested in learning music if they are also well versed with technology is a big bonus. To catch up with the trend, it has become necessary to be technically trained along with your talent. Passion Connect was happy to have spent time with such talent and wishes them good luck! We hope their music inspires you like it has been doing for years. #LiveYourPassion

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