Shivaraj Natraj: An Engineering Student, A Band Manager, Founder And A Beatboxer For The Carnatic Fusion Band- Project Mishram

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Ojaswi A. C

28 Aug,2017

Learning music from his father, Natraj says he got his basics right! Now a beat boxer with Carnatic fusion band is truly living his passion along with his studies! His interest for music although runs in his blood, Natraj has turned it into his passion by infusing his classical music talent into beat boxing among other such genres.

Having the right base, to begin with

Natraj who along with studying mechanical engineering has a band called Project Mishram. He is so talented that he has learned to play Mridangam as well. When asked about his passion, he says it was because of his parents’ push to learn the classical music which enabled him to translate the same into music in different forms.  Those who wish to take up a career in beat boxing, he suggests having the basic knowledge of how music works and its internal aspects of it.

Aggressive Carnatic fusion

Natraj along with his friends has a band named Project Mishram and it is said to be based on mixing Carnatic music in various ways in music. Having founded this band, the band has a goal to be unique by infusing genres like beatboxing and Carnatic music, mixing of EDM and Carnatic music. The young talent also did a small beatboxing for us and it was just fabulous!

Music is his greatest joy

Natraj feels that doing engineering was not something that could bring him the satisfaction that he expected but the music on the hand is his passion. Once he founded the band in his college he felt that joy and realized what passion could do to oneself. Having talent packed band, Project Mishram is soaring high winning more than twenty fests.

Make Passion your paycheck

Talking to the student in Natraj, he confessed to having more interest in music than in his studies. But doing what you like and what you love is worth the time and Passion Connect wishes people like him to grow further along the path of passion. Being so young and having wide choices in front of you, you have to make right ones and the ones which drive you.

Practice and dedication will not seem difficult if it is your passion and it is where your heart lives. Listening to him was such a pleasure especially to see the sheer talent oozing out of him.  A candid conversation with such a young and talented musician, Passion Connect feels proud and hopes Natraj follows his passion and stands as an inspiration for many youngsters. #LiveYourPassion

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