Souls Of San Francisco Is An Online Street Photography By Dijon Bowden

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Puja Shree

8 Jun,2017

Dijon Bowden is a San Francisco-based filmmaker and photographer. Since 2011 he has been walking the streets capturing stories for his ongoing street photography project SOULS OF SOCIETY.

Street photographer Dijon Bowden may have started as a filmmaker, but when he began the photography project titled Souls of San Francisco, he quickly knew he had found his true calling. Although pictures are his medium, Dijon primarily sees himself forging connections with people that his camera simply makes possible. In just 4 years, Dijon has amassed a global social media following with over 145,000 followers on facebook alone. Apart from photography, he’s busy promoting the expansion of SOULS. Yahoo! featured him as a part of their Weekly Flickry series. He aims to empower other contributors interested in telling the stories that exist within their own communities. Dijon connects to humans through compassion and empathy, one face and one story at a time. Follow the link to know more about Dijon Bowden.

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