The Journey Of Ford Motor Company With William Clay ‘Bill’ Ford, Jr.

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Somanjana Chowdhury

31 Mar,2016

‘Ford’ is a name that comes in one of the biggest ruling brands lists and William Clay Ford aka Bill Ford is the person who is taking this brand name toward more popularity. So let’s see how this grandson of Henry Ford, The father of the brand, is actually doing it. These are some of the most important phases of his life with Ford Motor Company.


Ford is also the Vice Chairman of the Detroit Lions NFL franchise


His father is William Clay Ford, Sr., and his mother is Martha Firestone


Ford graduated from the Hotchkiss School in Connecticut in 1975 and went on to graduate from Princeton University in 1979, having majored in history and served as president of The Ivy Club


He played on the Princeton rugby team as well

5. In 1984, he received an M.S. in Management as a Sloan Fellow from the MIT Sloan School of Management


He joined Ford in 1979 and 1981 held a variety of positions, beginning in product development and on the financial staff, a grooming ground for future executives. He served several years as a mid-ranking executive in product development

7. Ford gave up an executive position in heavy truck program management to become chairman of the finance committee of the Board of Directors, a non-executive corporate governance position


Ford became widely known when he was serving as the new Chairman of the Board. On February 1, 1999, when the Ford Rouge Powerhouse had an explosion that killed several Ford employees, Bill Ford rejected the ideas of his advisers and rushed to the scene from the nearby Ford World Headquarters. One of his staff cautioned, "Generals don't go out to the front lines." Ford's retort: "Then bust me down to private." Ford stopped and gave an account of the explosion to roadside television crews


Ford added the title of Chief Executive Officer on October 30, 2001, following the ouster of then-CEO Jacques Nasser. That ouster reflected significant differences in corporate values. Nasser focused on maximizing corporate profits and shareholder value while Ford was noted for valuing people and tradition


Under Bill Ford's direction, Ford Motor Company made technological progress toward improving fuel efficiency, with the introduction of the Hybrid-Electric Escape, the most fuel-efficient SUV on the market, achieving 36 mpg (EPA) in city driving

11. According to news reports, Ford is a ‘tae kwon do black belt’, a vegan and a folk guitar player. Ford also plays on the company hockey team and has won in their division at 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 USA Hockey Pond Hockey National Championships in Eagle River, Wisconsin


Bill Ford has been a vocal advocate for improvements to be made in all modes of global transportation. Bill Ford has stated that governments and private industry will need to rethink transportation infrastructure and technology as the global population expands and the existing infrastructure is unable to keep pace

13. In January 2010, Bill Ford announced the launch of a strategic investment firm, Fontinalis Partners, with the purpose of investing in innovative companies developing next-generation mobility solutions


In 2011, Ford was inducted into ‘Irish America’ magazine's ‘Hall of Fame’

"We must be guided by our long-term goals of building our brands, satisfying customers, developing strong products, accelerating innovation, and, most importantly, producing a sustainable profit from our automotive business." – Bill Ford

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