The New Terminal 4 At Singapore Is So Cool That You Wish For More Layover Time!

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Ojaswi A. C

3 Jul,2017

A new terminal, designated as Terminal 4 (T4), is now functioning at Changi International Airport in Singapore. Changi airport, operated by the Changi Airport Group (CAG), is apparently Asia's sixth busiest international airport. The terminal looks futuristic and offers the next level tech in it making the whole experience a fantastic one!  It is said that the terminal design is inspired from an orchid petal. The terminal building will be 25m high featuring 25 aerobridge gates. We will get to see more kiosks doing the job for us and automated options at all the counters as they say. This airport has often been featured in the top spot when it comes to the best airports in the world. And all for the right reasons, might I add. Don't worry if you have more layover time, this airport has plenty of things to offer which includes 15,000m² of shopping, dining, liquor, tobacco, perfumes, cosmetics and other retail spaces. I hope i do not get too lost in it and miss my flight! But hey, I can still shop more and catch the next flight! *wink*

With millions of people flying around the world, we want the best experience and a faster one too at the airports. For many, traveling happens to be their reason for their bread and butter and these airports are their second homes! However, let us look at some of the best airports around the globe and learn how they attract people to it.

Tokyo Haneda International Airport (HND)

Haneda is one of two major international airports that serve the Tokyo area. Located a few miles from the heart of the Japanese capital, Haneda has proved to be a popular port of entry for business travelers and tourists. The world's fifth-busiest airport, Haneda is known for its service efficiency, cleanliness, and shopping.

Munich Airport (MUC)

MUC is one of the busiest airports in Europe and the second-busiest in Germany, after Frankfurt. Munich serves as a major hub for Air Berlin, Lufthansa, and Condor, and it features airy, glass-heavy architecture. A nearby visitors park features mini golf and a display of historic aircraft.


Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)

Did you know that this airport is built on an artificial island off the coast of Hong Kong? HKG has become one of the most popular facilities in the world since it opened in 1998. One of the busiest airports in Asia, Hong Kong International serves as the home to Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong Airlines, and Dragonair.

London Heathrow Airport (LHR)

Oh, one of the most amazing airports is LHR,no doubt about it. Heathrow is the world's third-busiest airport and the largest of the five primary airports serving London. Heathrow serves as the main hub for British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. Of the other airports in England, this is dubbed as the best one there.

Amsterdam ​Schiphol Airport (AMS)

Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport is one of the busiest airports in Europe and serves as a hub for KLM, Transavia, and Delta. Schiphol is noted for its wide variety of leisure activities and has a library in which fliers can cozy up with a good book while waiting for their flights. Those of you who love reading will love this one!

Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

Vancouver takes home the prize as the top-ranked airport in North America for good reason. It's an easy access to downtown Vancouver as some of the best things about the airport. Vancouver International also boasts a floatplane terminal, as well as a sizable collection of art from the Pacific Northwest.


Dubai International Airport (DXB)

If you want to make the most of your layover at Dubai International airport, it doesn’t get any better than tax-free shopping, a gold souk, and free wi-fi. This airport echoes duty-free shopping everywhere. The airport is so huge that you literally get tired walking to your gate! So I suggest you finish your shopping and run toward your gate!

Source:  Skytrax World Airport Awards.

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