The Passion Story Of Andrew Paul: Journey Of A Soul Through Abstract Art

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Somanjana Chowdhury

13 Mar,2017

Abstract Beginning

Painting for Andrew Paul is not only a hobby or a form of entertainment. It is a strong sense of the existence of him that he felt right from his childhood when he used to express his little feelings and emotions through drawings and colours.    

“Since I was young I was always fascinated with colours and art was something that always kept me going.”- Andrew

Journey begins at home

Drawing on every possible blank space he could get in his house and participate in little painting competitions were big motivations for him as a kid and were always appreciated by his close ones.

He started taking painting seriously when he was doing his graduation in marketing and finance. It all really began when he won one competition held during that period and the judge who was from Kala Parishad, Bangalore, saw the unique talent in him.

“The judge loved my work and told me that I have something different in me. That’s where I took my inspiration from. I looked deep inside me and I figured out what I really want to do. I started painting.”-Andrew

Driven by passion

Andrew started giving colour to each emotion and movements that affected him. Whether it’s morning sunlight or meeting a new person, Andrew started painting anything that inspired him. His passion drove him so crazy that he started utilizing his pocket money to live it fully in his college days.

“It was more fulfilling for me to paint than to party. So that four hundred bucks I would prefer to use not for a beer but buying a new set of colours.”-Andrew

Emotions on canvas

Andrew’s paintings show the emotional side of him as he paints what he feels. Art has become the ultimate and a beautiful way for him to showcase his deeper feelings in form of colours and patterns.

“Every work that I create is a catharsis of a thought. It is a thought that is developed upon and expanded. It is only when I feel it is done that I stop else I keep doing layers over layers. Almost all my works have layers of paint to create a sense of depth, texture, and density.”- Andrew

Showcasing Art

When you know that you can create something unique in a competitive field, you want to show it to the world. Andrew had no second thought about it and he did what he did. He started showcasing his talent, he started marketing his art. He compiled his set of creations and put that on YouTube.

“If you are an artist, especially in today’s world, you have to market yourself well. That’s how you are visible to the world. You can’t sit at home and think that there is somebody who is going to discover you and showcase your art for you.”- Andrew

Andrew knew that this was a right decision for him. He knew his works will get recognition soon. But, how soon? he had no idea.  The first major thing to happen after that was the call from Ajay Kalsi, the chairman of London-listed Indus Gas, stating that he wished to buy all the works that Andrew showed in his YouTube video. That day he did party with his friends and enjoyed it for real.

Andrew’s abstracts started catching the attention of the art lovers not only in India but also across the globe. However, the moment of pride for him and his family was when his works got featured in The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and the Arts. Not only that, but his work also forms the cover of a book written by prominent Canadian-based Indian professor, Clara Joseph.

Living the passion

There can be a lot of ways to move forward with the passion of abstract art but Andrew wishes to be in the field of advertising as an art designer as he is in love with colours and patterns and wants to be in a place that keeps him happy.

According to Andrew, whether it is dancing or music or anything else, if it is your passion, then you need to be fearless and go ahead with it.

“You need to showcase your passion to everybody. You will receive a lot of criticism initially but you have to stand strong and listen to it in order to make better. I went ahead and lived my passion and I would like to tell you that you too go ahead and live your passion.”-Andrew

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