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When Setting Career Objective Becomes Your Biggest Nightmare!

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shahid khan

14 May,2016

When setting career objective becomes your biggest nightmare!

Have you ever asked yourself What do you want to become in your life? I guess more than 1000 times. No matters at what point of life you are on, you have literally no idea about career selection.  Students from school, college and other institutions are normally found dealing with such dilemma. In addition to this professionals or employees are also going through the same phase, reason may be job unsatisfaction or May be they couldn’t find the dream job they were always looking for.

Just a short introduction part of my friend who recently graduated from the well known college of Delhi University. She has been a great student throughout her college life and even scored good marks in every semester. But the problem she is suffering from is “what’s next”. She doesn’t know what to do after graduation. Here, the worst part comes when you are surrounded by many people suggesting you to go for a job, Post graduation and even marriage. Being honest to this subject, you never listen to those people because you know those suggestions will make your problems only worse.

It doesn’t mean that you never planned for your future or never set any career goals for yourself.  Well, the thing is whatever you planned for your future didn’t turn out as well as it should have been.  These things do happen with most of the guys when they plan something to become when they reach at certain level of their life. Example :  When I was in standard 6th I wanted to become a doctor, in standard 8th I wanted to be a software engineer , In standard 10th I just wanted to score good marks in board exams  and lastly in standard 12th I just wanted to pass in all the subjects. Just observe the difference at every level, at one moment you are highly motivated (especially during younger age) and at the other moment you just want the things to let go. All the experiences either good or bad are responsible to carry forward your efforts towards your goal.

And when it comes to finding the solution of this problem you ended up knowing nothing useful. Believe it or not, it does cause a lot of mental and emotional stress on an individual. Sometimes you don't even get a support from your loved ones when you want to do something for yourself. May be because they want you to make your career in such field which includes lot of money and job security. For some extent they are absolutely correct but when it comes to how do you feel about it, that becomes serious as you don't want to jeopardise your career with something you don't know about or least interested in. Example: I was never able to find out what to do with my career. Besides my parents wanted me to pursue my career in engineering because they believe it's a very promising job with good money, reputation and job security. Though the reality is too much far from their thoughts. I turned down their suggestion because I know I couldn't take it as I was not very good at solving maths and physics. I may not be sure about my future career but at least I know what I should not do. So at last where are we?

We have not reached any conclusion yet. So as a little experience holder in this department I believe there are two possibilities which can be preferred. The first one is you can keep looking and exploring for your dream career no matter whatever the cost is. It might be a tougher path with countless hurdles; you just have to walk on those paths. The second possibility is Keep doing whatever you are doing presently. The best thing about choosing this option is that you are saving the time and money both. You might not be happy with description and profile of your work but at least you are lucky to have work which pays you and some people don't have that luxury too.

There is also a subsidiary option available which can be used when you are stuck between both the options. So in this scenario what you can do is focus on option 1 and keep working on option 2 as usual. Give yourself some time to think about the career you want to have for your future while having your current job. The reason you should keep the job is money security. As long as the money is coming, save it to utilize for your dream career. Once you realized that you can achieve your dream career and you have got enough savings, you may quit the job as there is a good possibility of chasing your dreams.






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