About PassionLeague

About Passion League Season 2

Passion League Season 2 has added a feather to our crown that we earned with Season 1 (BPL) and needless to say, you are and were always the reason that we have achieved these milestones! As Passionconnect is committed to continue this superb journey with you and celebrate your passion, we welcome you onboard with Passion League Season 3! But at first, let's have a quick re-visit to the success story of Passion League Season 2: passionleague

• 150+ entries!

• Winning Prizes were worth of ₹5000!

• Trophies and Participation Certificates from Passionconnect!

• A strong connection with other passionate and like-minded people from various fields, and professionals from various industries!

• Dance, and Music performances in front of live audience, judges, and guests!

• Exhibitions of over 22 Photographies and Creative writings from the participation!

• Chief Guests/Star Speakers: Nitin Bhatia, Deepak MP, Rithesh Raghuveera, Naresh Raju, Hemanth Kumar, Navin Lakkur, Raksha Jayaram, Mohammed Younus, Vimal Pawar, Shodhan Rai, Vikaram Rastogi.

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